Review of Lips

I thought I’d post my feelings and thoughts on the 360 “game” lips. I got this for christmas from my mother in law, I was thinking that after the surprise hit of singstar on PS3 that I’d be onto a winner here.

Getting straight to the point, it’s…………ok. The tracklisting is pretty poor really, with only a few stand out party tracks. Seeing as this is a “party” game I honestly thought they would’ve added more girl bands/boy bands and other cheesy pop, songs that people would feel comfortable singing. But no, they give us tracks that people will struggle to sing along to, who in the world can actually sing Leona Lewis’ bleeding love??!?!?!

I had a laugh to start with singing along with AHA and The Kooks but upon passing the mic to my wife along with the control pad, she proceeded to scroll through the setlist, pass the mic and pad back to me and state that she wouldn’t be singing any of those songs. This has me wondering, Did INIS even do any research as to who would be playing the game or what people would want to sing?? Even if they’d just approached staff in Karaoke bar and asked for the top 20 requested songs, it would’ve helped!!

Anyway, tracklists aside (hopefully this won’t be an issue with DLC and song packs in the future) the game is fun and has a great mechanic to rating your voice and performance. the motion sensing microphones seem a bit pointless and come across as a rip off of star power from the guitar hero games. It’s basically used to trigger a stream of notes that gain you more points, by posing with the mic in awkward positions. The game awards you medals for having good pitch or rhythm so it’s fun to see what you get with progression through the game.

There is a challenge mode rather than full online play, this is where you pick somebody from our friends list and challenge them to a song. you both get two trys at the song to see who gets the highest score and the person who does, wins the challenge. It’s quite simple and can get competitive quickly. The only problem with this is that you both have to own the same song, so DLC can only be used if you’ve both purchased it through the marketplace.

Onto some bad points, even though the voice recognition is good, there can be a terrible amount of lag between you and the 360 which scores you down. example being, even if you start singing the first word of a sentance before it comes up on the screen, it doesn’t always pick it up, which means you lose points. you can play around with the lag on the pause menu, but it doesn’t realy help that much.

Second major problem for me, when this game was being promoted, it was banded about that you could upload your own songs from CD, ipod etc and sing along to them. Indeed you can, but the songs will have no lyrics, so it will have to be a song you know very well and the game scans the music as well as the singing in your track. So when there’s no singing you can basically sing the music or “beat box” to it and gain a stupid amount of points, it’s akin to humming along to the first few editions of singstar in order to pass the songs. This makes adding your own songs a bit of a let down, when you add a track the game send information on the song to microsoft. I’m hoping that this will show the developers what people are adding, so they might add lyrics via a patch/update.

Anyway, that’s my view on lips, in summary I would say it’s worth getting if you have people over a lot and enjoy a good old fashioned sing along, but it might be worth waiting until it’s inevitable price drop. At least that way you can use the money you save to download some decent songs from the marketplace upon loading it up and to be fair at 160 points per song, your points may be better spent on DLC for Fallout 3 etc!!

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