Strybes Rant

Now you won’t always read me ranting on raving on here (well I hope not anyway) but the festive season has passed and left me feeling…….well, quite frustrated. Why am I frustrated?? Because of the state of the games industry as it currently stands. Let me explain.

The games industry, meaning the publishers, developers and big wigs (M$, SONY, Nintendo etc) are dumbing down gaming. Back in the day, video games were made to be fun, but also a challenge. Something you could challenge yourself with or compete against others on. Gamers would sit in front of the TV/Monitor, finding the fastest lap times, trying to collect every coin or aiming to defeat that final boss. This doesn’t happen enough nowadays and this is because we are losing the games that we are yearning to play in that way again. Now the hardcore games that are made for us are being made easier or shorter…WHY?? Family Gaming!!!!

With the invention of the Wii, nintendo have put games into the hands of people who wouldn’t normally play. To make this easier for themselves they have made games like wii play, wii music and wii sports. All very simple games to pick up and play, however by making games like this nintendo are forgetting their heritage and forcing the hands of SONY and Microsoft to move into family gaming themselves. This December the NPD figures showed that 2 million wiis were sold and the best selling game was wiiplay. The problem with people buying into this “family gaming” fad is that the big wig companies are letting down the core audiences that have followed them since conception. Many of my close friend gamers were there when mario first jumped up to a ? block and collected a coin or when sonic ran from one end of the emerald hill zone to the other in 30 seconds. However the companies who gave us those moments are now milking the cash cow and serving us gaming that comes with a bitter taste.

I’m not trying to say that your mum or gran aren’t allowed to play these games, I’m aiming these comments at nintendo, SONY and Microsoft. To those companies I say;

Put down wiimusic, put down Buzz, Put down Scene it……Give us some Zelda, Give us more JRPGs, Give us more Gears/Halo etc and for rying out loud, make them a challenge again!!!

    • DefMash
    • January 6th, 2009

    I wholeheartedly agree mate, if there is no challenge in a game then whats the point. At least we still get games like Ninja Gaiden to cut our gaming prowess on but as you say these sorts of challenging games are getting fewer and fewer nowadays. I think alot has to do with the way games used to be played years ago, in the arcades in the 80’s games were designed to be tough to take your 10p’s off you and when the first consoles and games came out they followed the same ideas as their coin-op cousins. But consoles and games now are far removed from those days and i can’t see it getting any better in the near future 😦

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