Dr Z’s games of the year

I thought a nice way to see in the new year and start my first post on the blog would be to do my own mini game of the year piece. I may possibly add some more categories later if I feel the need and decided to keep it to just Xbox 360 as it has taken up the majority of my gaming time.

Best sound/audio
I always think this is a tough award as it is so subjective (like most of these I guess lol) do I opt for the game with the best music, effects or atmosphere hmm. It came down to three games for me in the end: Grand Theft Auto 4 for the sheer amount of music and the high quality of voice acting, Dead Space for its great use of sound to create atmosphere and Rez just for it’s awesome music.

My winner is: Dead Space

Best graphics/visuals
Crikey why did I start this it’s so hard to choose J. Well like the other awards I had to narrow it down to a few games that all really deserve to win for their own reasons. Gears of War 2 because everyone takes it for granted that it looks great but no other developer can make the unreal engine look so good, Mirrors Edge for looking like no other first person game and GTA 4 for probably having more little details that I missed while playing than many games have altogether.

My winner is: GTA 4

Best XBLA game
I love a bit of XBLA gaming and what a great year it has been for downloadable games. So I had to be quite ruthless to narrow it down to few I could mention. Rez for using music and visuals in a game that not everyone understands but for those that do will always be special, Geometry Wars 2 because I am the best lol and because they made an awesome game even better and lastly Braid for making me think harder than any other game of 2008.

My winner is: Geometry wars 2

Game of the year 2008
I found it a bit weird that some of my candidates for game of the year I hadn’t given a mention to in other categories even though they are all excellent in almost every aspect, maybe that’s an oversight by me or just a quirk of all awards. So my candidates for game of the year are Gears of War 2 for living up to its massive hype, Burnout Paradise for combining an open world with an awesome driving model, Fallout 3 for being so good it made the short list even though I haven’t finished it and Dead space for having a go at beating Resi 4 and getting so close on its first attempt.

My winner is: Burnout Paradise

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