Strybes Game of the year piece

Well, here’s my two pence. Thanks to Zack for starting it off……….Here we go.

Best sound/audio
As with Zack, this is a tough one to call. I play all my games through a stereo sound system, so not as good as a 5.1 system but good enough. I have to choose this game for it’s atmospheric sounds and it’s “soundtrack” I love how the sound effects play with your mind and I adore how you can choose to listen to very classic crooning music while blasting super mutants with a combat shotgun.
My winner: Fallout 3
Best graphics/visuals
Now this was a tough one for me, I went back and forth between a few games……But I have to go for an obvious one here and choose Gears 2!! It truly is gorgeous to look at and has amazing effects running throughout. The textures look great and things like the fire effects really shine.
The lighting is also a great feature point of the game, example being walking through the tunnel with the tickers by torchlight….Superb!!
My winner: Gears of war 2
Best XBLA game
Even though I finished this game very quickly, in just under 6 hours, I adored every last second of it. The sheer originality of the game is outstanding and the visuals are lush. When I downloaded it a booted it up from the 360 dashboard, from the moment it started to the second it ended I was in awe of what I had played. Braid is a game that every gamer HAS to play, just for experience….and on a footnote, the story and the way it plays out is superb.
My winner: Braid
Game of the year 2008
Well, here we go. I’m going to throw this at you from left field but my choice is not a popular one. This game took me through so many experiences, it was an exhilerating ride from start to finish. With amazing visuals I guided faith over and under obstacles and tried to move faster than ever before. No game has ever made me feel as free as mirrors edge, I FELT like I was the runner. Everything from the view point of the game to the set pieces in the gameplay gave you the feeling of being chased. I played through the single player three times and spent over 10 hours on the time trials. I will play this game over and over until the sequel. Thank you DICE, amzing game……
My winner: Mirrors edge
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