Nothing exciting

Well, I haven’t really played  many different things recently. Been playing stupid amounts of Call of duty 5: World at war multi-player. I’ve hit my first prestige level and I’m at 13 on prestige 1!!

Played a small amount of prince of persia, at first I thought the camera was very bad. But I think that was mainly because of mirrors edge. It grew on me and so far I’m very impressed.
The control system is great, the “no dying” aspect is very helpfull. I thought that it would be too easy with Elika saving my arse all the time but to be honest it just feels right. Nice and fluid!!
Been playing a lot of my DS as well, lots of Zelda, incredibly great game……but let down by some of the dungeon crawling aspects of it.
Going to hopefully start Tomb Raider: Underworld later today. Played the prologue so far, again camera was a bit iffy but seems very nice to play. Once I’ve steamed through some of it, I’ll chuck up a review!! 🙂
Anyway, short blog today………Got a lot going on at home. Hopefully get back to a daily blog soon and feel free to follow us on here to keep up. Tell your friends about the blog and hopefully we can get a good community of people on here!! 🙂
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