Getting Organised

I thought that it was well past when i should have posted on the blog, so here I am. So what have i been up to? Well life is busy as ever and with so many things going on and favours for friends well overdue I have decided the only way to move forwards is to get organised.

It seems that the slight chaos in my life has affected my gaming also so there was nothing for it but to get organised there too. I have only once in recent memory had so many great games to play through that I have had to make a list to stop me getting distracted and not finishing anything.

Scarily the list is a bit too long for me to put on here without boring everyone so here is just a select few of the games I have to look forward to, wish me luck as this is gonna take a while 🙂

fallout 3
mass effect
burnout paradise
assasins creed
zack and wiki
no more heroes
metroid prime 3
advance wars days of ruin
chrono trigger

    • Gilsman
    • January 14th, 2009

    Nice list of games there boss. Looking forward to hearing what you think of Mass Effect. When I first played it I was not loving it and then 6 months later you couldnt get me off the damn game!

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