Fable 2 DLC

Well, Yesterday saw the first instalment of DLC land on the marketplace for Fable 2.

I downloaded it overnight last night after a slow and painful download speed stopped me from playing it yesterday evening.
Long story short, I booted up Fable 2 earlier this afternoon and traveled to Knothole island. When I arrived it looked as lush as ever, the snow was swirling in the air and everything looked fresh and clean. Then I scrathed the surface and the same old broken Fable 2 was lying underneath.
Framerate issues aplenty and nasty glitches got in the way while I worked through the shallow DLC on offer.
Three quests all based on the island, each one has the same enemies as the standard game but with different skins. Each quest is puzzle based and to be honest, the puzzles were easy and patronising.
Some new shops to explore and some interesting new items to play with are the only real bonus in the DLC. Highlights include, armour and a wig to make you look like Elvis (you can also get a guitar shaped sword) and a rifle from Halo.
Overall, the DLC is only for hardcore Fable 2 players, it doesn’t really offer anything new to make you want to play it more (other than the achievement points)
Worth 800 points, not a chance…..maybe 400 to 600 points!!!
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