Oh No, My list is BIG!

Well, after seeing Zacks list a few days ago, it got me thinking how many games I have to play.

I’ve decided to knock up a list and then try to concentrate on one 360 game and one DS game at a time, interspersed with some Multi-player goodness.
Well, here we go………list time;
Viva Pinata: trouble in paradise
Too Human*
Ace Combat 6
Saints row 2*
Ninja Gaiden 2*
The Club
Frontlines: fuel of war
Mercs 2: world in flames
Dead Space*
Prince of Persia*
Devil May Cry 4*
Viking: Battle for Asgard
Battlefield: Bad company*
Far Cry 2*
Perfect Dark Zero
The Last Remnant*
Tomb Raider: Underworld*
Eternal Sonata*
Lost Odyssey*
* Eager to finish/play
(WOW!!!! That list is far bigger than I would like it to be and when I add in games that I dip in and out of e.g. Rock band 2, Lips etc it’s quite daunting)
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