Me and My DS

Ever since I got my 4th DS at Christmas (I never settled down with one before and sold on the previous 3) I’ve been running through loads of different games on there. I’m a massive fan of RPGs and that is the main genre I wanted the DS for.

The following are games that I’m loving at the moment;
Final Fantasy 3 and 4
These are both fantastic editions in the FF franchise and both have been remade with 3d graphics and voice acting.
Chrono Trigger
The original SNES version now ported to the DS, is pixel perfect and holds all the charm of it’s original release.
Dragon Quest 4
Another amazing edition of the dragons quest series, If you enjoy DQ it’s more of the same….very easy to start with but the difficulty soon ramps up.

Other games to look out for, that AREN’T RPGs;
New super Mario bros, Mario Kart, Picross, space invaders extreme, locks quest, the world ends with you, Professor Layton………….the list goes on. (please comment on this blog if you want a full list of recommendations)

The following are games that I have my eye on for the future….more RPGs I’m afraid 😉
Dragon Quest 9
Suikoden: Tierkreis

There are a lot of games coming to the DS, it seems that Nintendo are giving hardcore gamers what they want on their famous handheld. At least I can still rely on Nintendo for my RPG fix.
Keep checking back for my progress on those games and my many, many 360 games that I’m wading through!!
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