Fallout 3 DLC Verdict


Well, this week saw the anchorage DLC appear on the dashboard of XBOX LIVE. Being the massive Fallout 3 fan that I am, I promptly downloaded it and ventured back into the wasteland.
The DLC is set out nicely, upon starting the game you come across a signal from the outcast brotherhood which you can follow to the new content. After arriving at the outcasts meeting point you are told that they are trying to break into a room full of armour and weapons, However the only way to get in is to run a military simulation of the Chinese invading Alaska.
Only someone with a pip-boy can access the simulation and there you are with the tech they need hanging off of your arm.

The DLC content itself is quite linear, not giving away any spoiler details, you are told that you must take out the invading Chinese by completing different objectives, for example blowing up fuel tankers for the tanks that they use. There are a lot of stealth aspects to the missions and it shows a different side to fallout 3.
Once you get to the halfway point you are tasked with heading up a squad to carry out further missions.
This is probably the most interesting aspect of the DLC, you are given five tokens in order to choose your squad. 1 token for standard infantry, 2 for snipers/missile launcher etc and up to 5 tokens for a sentry bot.
It’s a great addition to the game.

All the armour and weapons found in the DLC are great and I completed the full content in 3 hours. It was a great addition to the Fallout history, the story that ran throughout was compelling. The only downside that may be picked up by more discerning players is the blatant racist patriotism. The American view of how they feel about the Chinese is oafish, with comments like “Go back to your own country” it feels very lowbrow for Bethesda, However this can be seen as a satirical view on the American attitudes of recent times.

All in all the DLC at 800 points is great value and an excellent chance to extend an already superb game, all I can say is roll on February for the next instalment from Bethesda.

Final Score – 7 out of 10

  1. April 17th, 2009

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