Plans for the future

First of all, sorry to any followers and readers for jumping back and forth with hosts, it’s tough to find a really good one in the mass of crap that is the interweb.
This is a quick blog to let you all know what’s going on with everything in our little Hi-Score world.
Zack and I will be recording the first podcast on wednesday 4th February, we’re a bit unsure of length at the moment and I’m sure we’ll see how it goes. We’ve decided on a layout for it and we’re hoping that people will get different things from our podcast than others.
We will try to set up a site in the future which will be a hub for all activity but at the moment nothing more than the blog is really needed.

We are planning a lot of interaction with the audience in the podcasts, so please, please, please comment on our posts and reviews. This will help us to bring a sense of community to Hi-Score.

We’ve also discussed our review process, we are going to use a 5 star system for now and maybe develop it in the future, our reviews will also never go over 1000 words…….We don’t want you to skip the details and go straight to the score.
Anyway, that’s it from me at the moment, keep coming by to see us, please bookmark us and feel free to tell your friends about us, promote us in your forums sigs etc
Thank you

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