It’s been a while….

Apologies once again, laziness on my part and lack of game playing have led to the absence of writing on the blog. I must say that I haven’t really been playing a great deal of games in the last few days. Other than whoring myself to another prestige on Call of duty: World at War and playing Madden 08 after watching the superbowl.
My DS is still keeping me busy in between 360 games, Pheonix Wright has been my companion recntly and a very good one at that. The humour of that game is second to none on the DS. (Maybe I’ll write a review in the next few days)

Still hoping to record the first podcast tomorrow, all depends on the snow really. We have everything sorted for it and hope to have it on itunes for you guys to take a listen and comment on.

Please keep your game of the year nominations coming, they WILL get a mention on the podcast, so make sure your game gets out there.

Lastly for this blog instalment, we are looking for additional writers for hi-score. You need to be a competent writer and own at least one of this generations consoles. You will preferably be responsible for posting news stories on the site. We are also hoping to find somebody with CSS experience to personalise Hi-score and give us a more unique feel.

That’s all for now šŸ™‚

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