The Big Backlog

Last time I blogged it was about the huge backlog of games I wanted to get through and that also explains my lack of posts for a little while hehe. Anyway loads of gaming and even a bit of progress through that list. Each game really needs its own post about my thoughts on the experience I had with them but for now just a few sentences will have to suffice.
I have a real love of racing games so started off with Pure which is probably one of the best surprise games of 2008. Just a genuinely good little arcade stunt racer, with a slightly short career mode but great feel and lovely graphics.
Next up was Forza 2, which wasn’t on the short list I posted on the blog but was on my slightly longer list and after the racing fun of pure I still fancied some more. Now I thought that I was a fair way through this game and just had a few races left as I was at level 50 but was soon proven wrong. My biggest downfall was that I hadn’t really taken into account how long the endurance races would take me (which was around 5 hours). I should mention though what an awesome game this is though with so many races, features and options.
So two games down and many more to go, but still smiling at the moment which must be a good sign. Currently about 30 hours into fallout 3 and already this early into my list of games I am amazed at the quality available on just the Xbox. Off to try out the R-Type demo and will leave some impressions a little later.

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