XBLA Rant!!

One thing I never wanted when I started this blog is to be known as someone who rants and raves about gaming. However, today something began niggling at me and made me think…….are Microsoft cementing their name as M$??
The Microsoft business plan is becoming more and more about money rather than good quality gaming, this is being shown predominantly on XBOX LIVE Arcade. When I first purchased my XBOX 360 and dashed home to play, the idea of XBLA was exciting and fresh. Games like Geometry Wars and Feeding Frenzy offered a different kind of gaming to us.
However over the years we, the gaming community, have seen Microsoft pollute the XBLA servers with mediocre games at exorbitant prices. Let’s look at the exchange rate of MS points to real money;
800 points is worth £6.40 or $10. Why would anybody in their right mind want to pay £6.40 for a game like Novadrome.
That is their first strike, second strike coming up.

Now let’s think about the recent price hike seen across XBLA, we’re now told that “high quality” games will come in at 1200 and the slightly lesser quality games will be 800 points. Now look at the points cards that are sold in GAME/Gamestop these cards can be bought in increments of 800, 2100 and 4200. So as an example, if you wanted two XBLA “high quality” games you wouldn’t be able to buy a 2100 points card as you’d be 300 points short. I now wonder how long it will take before Microsoft release arcade games at 1600 points.

R-Type Dimensions XBLA

R-Type Dimensions XBLA

This situation is now making me think how many more arcade games I will ever download, I currently have 42 XBLA games on my hard drive and I’m not sure that it will get much higher if the current pricing structure continues. For the price of R-type and the soon to be released outrun I could buy a game at a reduced price or indeed put it towards a new release. Those two games will be 2400 points which equates to around £19.20!! That’s a lot of money for very little gameplay compared to using that money on a game like prince of persia on Amazon.

These prices could be excused for a dreamcast port or an original game that has some legs, like multi-player modes etc.
What are your opinions? Do you think the pricing should be more staggered? Do you think we, the consumer, are being “ripped off”

  1. I totally agree with you Strybe. I remember getting great games for 400 pts back when the xbox first came out. Id only play 1200 for games like Marble Blast which had a huge online community. I used to buy an arcade game once or twice a fortnight but i have not bought any in absolutely ages, too expensive and the games aren’t even good enough. You can find better games on flash game sites.

    Nice blog btw, been following for a few weeks now

  2. Yeah i know what you mean. The arcade was meant to be for a bit of fun. Bung microsoft a few quid and you get a cool little game. Now its bung microsoft your monthly wages and get bugger all for it!

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