LittleBigPlanet Review – PS3

Mario, Sonic and Lara are all mainstays in the world of video games and it’s hard to topple any of them from their podiums. These are the Kings (and Queen) among men, will they ever be bested? If they are it will be by a small, hand knitted, Bug Eyed chap called Sackboy. This new kid on the block oozes charm and flair as he runs haphazardly through levels and over obstacles. The best thing about Sackboy and his female version, Sackgirl, is the Giddy feeling you get when controlling him. It gives you the feeling of being a child again and just having fun.
The customization of your sackperson is just the start of the game, in the beginning you have very limited tools to change his or her look, But after time you can run riot over them. My Sackboy is currently a weird sackbunny pirate.


As we all know, Littlebigplanet is the epitome of user creation, from changing your sackperson to creating levels, Which we’ll come to soon. The first thing to do is learn how to run, jump and grab. All whilst being taught by the Genius that is Mr Stephen Fry, who is your constant narrator. The control system is incredibly simple and easy to pick up. X jumps, R1 Grabs and [] brings up the poppit. The aim of the game is to get from A to B and on the way collect prizes, these can be stickers, objects or other customization tools. You also pick up bubbles which rack up the points, similar to rings for Sonic or coins for Mario.
LBP takes us back to platforming games as they should be, fun and simple.
You make your way across themed levels with obstacles and dangers like fire and gas clouds. Not only is this a great platformer but it’s a nice puzzler too, getting to some of the prizes can take some real thought.
There are also some areas of the levels which can only be accessed through co-op.
* Unfortunately I haven’t had time to try the online side as yet, will update soon*

That’s all you really need to know when it comes to story mode, now for Moon mode.
Moon mode is where you can create your own levels for you and your friends to play, or you can publish it for the littlebigplanet community to enjoy and rate. The creation tools are easy to learn but difficult to master, They are very simple in practice but when you combine them some truly fantastic effects can be discovered.
I have only really dipped my toe into the creation modes of LBP but I have managed to dive head first into the community levels and there are some real gems out there.
There are also some stinkers, but on the whole you can have real fun playing the user generated content and rating their efforts. Once you’ve come to the end of a level you rate it out of five stars and tag it with a word that describes it, there are lots to choose from, for example race, short, long, fun etc.


All in all, LBP deserves all the credit that it has received. It is simply one of the most fun games released on a console for quite some time. If you own a PS3 you owe it to yourself to play it.
As I move through the game I will re-review LBP for it’s online play and a better overall view from start to end, but as it stands this game deserves a full 5-star

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