R-Type Dimensions

So with the release of the R-type dimensions I thought I would try out the demo and put up my first impressions. I knew that this game was on its way but as I hadn’t read many previews the first little surprise was that this includes remakes of both R-type 1 and 2.
Unfortunately that’s where the surprises ended really, well apart from the price (a rather high 1200 MS points). The game seems to be a very solid remake of the game with its novelty feature being that you can switch between the old 2D and new 3D graphics on the fly. This feature shows how close the remake is to the original as switching between original and remade visuals seems to be seamless.
I may seem a bit down on this game but I genuinely feel that it’s a good game that is hampered slightly by its price. Now I am not going to add to strybe’s rant but my point is that there are some great shooters already out on xbla that are a fair bit cheaper so seem a lot better value. It’s an awkward thing to judge as to whether a preview or review should judge a game on its critical merit or its value for money and maybe something that will be talked about on a future podcast (podcast is still on its way we promise ).
At 800 MS points I think I would have bought this straight away but the extra 400 points have put me off for now. If you are really after a shooter take a look at Omega 5, Ikaruga and Triggerheart Exelica first which are all awesome scrolling shooters and all 800 MS points

    • DefMash
    • February 10th, 2009

    I really loved R-Type back in the day and was looking forward to it’s release on XBLA but at 1200pts it’s far to costly especially with all the Game DLC on the way.

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