Flower Review

Back in 2007 a game swam onto the PSN for Playstation 3 called Fl0w. FL0w was a life simulation where you began the game as an amoeba and used the six-axis controller to move your creature around the screen. You would move towards things you wanted to eat and away from things that wanted to eat you, this would evolve your creature through the “levels”

It was made by “ThatGameCompany” who have just released Flower onto PSN today. ThatGameCompany should really change their name to ThatEmotionCompany. Fl0w made you feel for your amoeba, you wanted it to evolve and become a beautiful creature. It inspired you to feel for a creature that is hardly thought about by society. Flower triggers these emotions too, making you feel for every part of it’s small but beautiful world.

For ease of writing this review I will refer to flower as a game, but the word game doesn’t really do justice to the experience of playing.


The premise of Flower is simple, you play through a dreamlike sequence that is being imagined by a potted flower in an apartment somewhere in a dirty and run down city. Each “level” begins with the flower seeming like it’s looking out of the window of the apartment, as the camera nears closer until you fade into the dream. The aim of the gameplay is to guide a petal from the first flower you see and pass near other flowers attracting the petals from them, which creates a torrent of colours gliding through the air. You move from flower to flower through a quite dull and off colour view, blooming each one in turn, until you reach the end of the area. On your way through the seemingly endless field, you are making each area lush and green as you bloom each patch of flowers. The aim is to bring new life to an otherwise bland landscape.

You begin to realise that the reason for the dream is to bring life back to the city, where the flower sits in it’s pot staring out of the window, longing to be in the fields it dreams of.


As the player, you control the wind, by slowly rocking the controller left and right or tilting it up and down, the petals will float on the wind in the respective direction. With the press of any button you can activate a gust of wind which will push you in the direction you want to go with more speed. The controls are incredibly intuitive and sometimes you almost forget that you are holding a controller. The motion controls on the PS3 aren’t always used well, but ThatGameCompany have achieved a wonderful use of the the technology.

The artwork and sound cannot be overlooked in this experience. Each of the colours are mesmorizing as they swirl around the view on screen. For such a simple aesthetic there is tremendous detail, from the blades of grass to the old gnarled trees waiting to be brought back to life. The soundtrack is subtle in it’s use, you could almost miss the melody being played as you move through the world. With each flower that blooms a note is added to the symphony, that triggers thoughts of games like Everyday shooter and Rez which use music to it’s advantage.

I found the experience of playing Flower breathtaking in places and it truly is a one of a kind game. It’s extremely relaxing and would make a perfect game for anyone wanting to wind down after a frantic session on a shooting game or just to pass away an evening. Any PS3 owner should at least give the trial a go when it drops on the PSN soon.         Flower excels in making you feel more emotions than a lot of games in the market and my hat is off to ThatGameCompany for achieving another surprise hit for PSN. I sincerely hope it does not get overlooked.
5-star written by Strybe

    • DefMash
    • February 13th, 2009

    I am really intrigued with this game the prob i have though is i don’t own a PS3. I may look into getting one now that there are some decent games coming out 🙂

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