My Emotions regarding motion

Well, it looks like it’s time again for me cement my status as Hi-Score’s Rant machine.

Why, Oh why in this generation can we not overcome problems for gamers, the problem I’m referring to? Motion sickness.

Motion Sickness whilst playing First person shooters to be precise, I am unfortunately one of the many unlucky gamers who suffer from motion sickness while playing games. I’ll admit that it is rare for me now, But when it comes on it is a very unpleasant feeling. I know there are many gamers out there now who suffer and I wonder why this isn’t being addressed by developers. For me personally it comes on when the camera swings side to side as the character moves, surely it is simple to for the developers to add an option to turn it off? There are games out there that have this option already.

The reason I bring this up now, I just sat down to enjoy and review F.E.A.R 2 and it was triggered immediately, with no option to turn off the camera swing I could only play one chapter and had to turn it off. I will now have to play through it very slowly in order to enjoy it. The only other recent games to do this were The darkness and Condemned 2. Which were so bad for me that I had to give up playing them a few chapters in.

Please, can we not help out unfortunate gamers who are missing out on great games because of this situation, this subject was brought up on the recent podcast from what they play. If so many gamers and from the sounds of it, reviewers, suffer with motion sickness then why is it not solved in development stages?

If you suffer or know someone that suffers with motion sickness while playing games, let us know and tell us what games trigger it.

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