Burnout Party Pack

I thought I would post a mini review regarding the burnout paradise party pack. This came out last week for a price of 800 MS points or £5.99 on PSN. It’s an offline mode made for when friends drop by and you fancy a game together. It’s also the first paid for content to be released by Criterion for Burnout Paradise.
The party pack is also available in the new ultimate box in retail stores and on PSN from £24.99, this contains the full game and every update and download for Burnout Paradise.


The party pack consists of lots of mini challenges that will have you and your friends laughing through to the finish line. You can have up to eight players playing and don’t worry, you don’t need eight controllers. It’s all played on one controller and passed back and forth.
The challenges are fun and great for short bursts of gameplay. When all your friends and you have signed into the lobby and entered your names, you can add photos of yourself with the vision camera. You then choose how many rounds you would like to play.
For each round you choose for it to be a skill, stunt, speed or random choice for that round.
They each speak for themselves and once you’ve chosen what you would like to play, the computer will randomise the playing order.

Each of the mini games ranges from short easy games to longer and more skill based. Examples being, under stunt you may have to land a single or a double barrel roll or for speed you may have to race from point A to point B but your accelerator and boost are jammed on. For skill games you could be presented with a tank of a car and be asked to get as many “near misses” as possible in a time limit.
These are all great fun and if you have friends over often or your family like to join in now and again, this is worth a download.
Although you can’t take party mode online, nothing beats sitting next your friends and racing each other while trying to put them off or laughing when someone goes the wrong way.
If the party pack achieves nothing else, it brings back the fun to offline play and reminds us of days gone by when we didn’t have XBOX LIVE or PSN.
Thankfully it does that AND everything else, a superb addition to the Burnout world.

  1. Things like this make me wish I had kept this game.

  2. Huh so you liked it. I still have a lot of burnout Paradise to play so I am not sure if I want to jump at the DLC at this time.

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