Mirrors Edge DLC Review

Being a huge fan of Mirrors edge and particularly the time trial elements, I was thrilled when the DLC pack was announced. It was unfortunately pushed back due to technical issues but finally landed on 19th February.
Costing 800 MS points you get nine new time trial maps and all of them are a departure from what you’re used to in Mirrors edge. Each map is based in a surreal almost virtual reality world. There is no city anymore, only geometrical shapes that come in all sizes.


It looks difficult doesn’t it? It is.
When you’re first dropped into the starting time trial map it seems easy to get from point A to point B and it is, but not if you want stars for doing fast times. These maps are increasingly hard, especially when compared to those included in the box.
All of the usual tricks are to be used if you want to move through the maps at a pace, but now you’ll be stringing together moves that you wouldn’t normally. For example sliding down a ramp then whilst sliding, jump to a wall, turn and jump up to a ledge. These maps were definitely built with the Mirrors edge community in mind as they take the movement to another level entirely.

So what makes it so tough?
Well, the main reason for the difficulty is the shear number of options to get through the level. Do you jump the gap, wallrun it? Do you slide under the ledge? do you vault it? The colours and the shapes make trick your eye into making the wrong decisions at times.
Along with these options of movement there are choices in route too and deciding these on the fly are made difficult by deciphering the angles of the shapes while on the move.
The maps look confusing from the outset and to be honest it makes the maps better for it. You think more about your route and analyse whether you’ll get to the points you can see. After playing the new maps and going back to the older ones, they feel easier as your path is laid out clearer.
Admittedly this DLC is more trial and error than anything else but as you master each map you truly feel that you achieved something.


A major bonus to Mirrors edge was being able to race against ghosts of players around the world and that is still included in the DLC. You’ll still find familiar names in the leaderboards like Oo Wo0dY oO and it’s great to be able to follow these guys through the maps that you’re struggling with.
Included with these maps are new achievements that are all unlocked within the new “pure” time trials pack.
They are varied in content but are things you’ll have seen before. Achievements for stringing moves together and some for acquiring high numbers of stars are what you’ll be fighting for.


If you’re a fan of Mirrors edge and particularly the time trials you’ll most likely love the new content.
The exhilaration of the game is still there and the tension of making jumps still keeps you on the edge of your seat.
However if you’re looking to begin faiths adventure and were hoping the DLC would cement your decision it might be best to try it out on a friends console. The DLC can be extremely frustrating and difficult but on the flipside very rewarding.
The pure pack is great value for money and is hugely fun while it lasts, which could be a long time if you’re a fan of chasing scores.

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