Games, Games and More Games……

I thought I would take Hi-Score back to being a blog as well as a Games review site.
So this is me blogging again.
Dr Zack and I met up yesterday to discuss the podcast. We’ve decided that we are going to record the first few over skype in order to open up more time to record it. As life is very hectic with Zack working all hours and me having to look after a house with a pregnant wife and 20 month old daughter.
Anyway, it will be here very soon. So thanks for your patience.

Well onto the games, I’ve been playing a lot recently.
From the gorgeous carnage of killzone 2 to the tops of spartans heads in Halo wars. Reviews of these are to come but I thought I would give some of my initial views.
I have to say, when I played the demo of Killzone 2 I said that it would be a system seller. I was wrong.
KZ2 is a great game and plays very well. The graphics are second to none in this generation and the gameplay is still very solid from the demo to the retail game. I’ve made my way through the first few chapters and can safely say that at this stage that while fun, KZ2 does nothing new and without the Killzone moniker could easily be hidden amongst the other shooters out there.

But that shouldn’t dissuade you from getting it, the AI is still superb and the multi player is easily the best part of the game. All will be revealed in my review which will be up soon. However I will say that if you own a PS3 it’s a must own game, But I wouldn’t rush out and buy a PS3 just for Killzone 2.

Onto Halo wars, Again a game that impressed me with a demo and now leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
As an RTS on a console, ignoring all other competition, Halo wars is a great game……But stunted.
I love RTS games, they’re great and it’s enjoyable jumping in and managing your forces in detail. This can’t really be done in HW, it’s incredibly basic and this can make the game quite dull.
The co-op campaign is more fun due to working as a team, but having to work from one base with the same 30/40 units will normally mean that one of you will control units and the other will stare at the base just building.

Onto the multi player, Fun!!………!…………for the first three or four games after that it suffers from being a mediocre RTS. With only a handful of maps and two gametypes things get monotonous quickly.
Whether you’re playing against AI or Humans it’s the same old thing, build as much as you can as quickly as possible and march them round the map trying to kill everything. Which is great at first.
Ensemble could really have added a few of the halo game types like CTF and territories, they could’ve easily been included in some way. Hopefully in DLC at some point.

Well, that’s the main two games, but i’ve dabbled in flower, noby noby boy (getting to a record length of 3,500 meters) and lots of Street Fighter 4. Currently writing reviews for SF2, Halo wars and KZ2. So, keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Thanks for reading

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