Caption Competition- 2100 MS points up for grabs!!!

Here are three pictures from games, the person that we choose with the best captions on all three pictures wins 2100 Microsoft points!!
Comment on the article with your three responses and the best ones win!! simple!!
The competition will run until April 3rd and the winner will be announced on the podcast for that week 🙂
Off you go!!!





    • The Dukenator
    • March 5th, 2009

    It time to kick ass and pop a wheelie, but I’m all outta gas

    Damn. Not again.

    Oh great. How did this happen?

    • mattyg
    • March 5th, 2009

    The lost and the….dam fell off again, stupid zombies!

    Get out of my game Darth Vaaaadddd….argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nan not another colourful scarf!

    All bad i know sorry but you have to try!

  1. Well this can’t be Bear Village, I must be lost…

    Cyclopes Nooo!!!!!

    CaNz I bEez Gam3?

    (Good luck gamers)

    • BloodKnight
    • March 5th, 2009

    “eh? i thought the sign said bike race…not zombie apocalyps….!”

    “For bad BO use Sparten Lazer!”

    “Ok who brought Granma all that wool??”

    • Billy Goodgun
    • March 6th, 2009

    1. Thurrock Lakeside’s attempts to lure back shoppers with moto cross stunts went horribly awry.
    2. Even Cyclops from the X-Men was guilty of the odd friendly fire incident…
    3. As strange as the rainbow caterpillar/worm hybrid knew he looked, he still felt like less of an outcast than the weird freaks with purple jelly beans for heads.


    1. Halfway through his bike stunt, Jonny noticed an uncommon amount of lumberjack-shirted builders around him.
    2. See that shadow on the floor behind the Chief? Why is he being followed by an invisible mutant duck with a shadow? Seriously. Just look at it.
    3. Why playing snake on your mobile phone after ingesting several tabs of acid is inadvisable.

    • audiojoe
    • March 7th, 2009

    1) After a lifetime of looking like Jimmy Nail’s discarded face mask imprint, Carl Fogarty had decided to unleash his wrath on Asda’s many inbred shoppers.

    2)Spartan 387 used his laser for everything. Hoovering, cleaning windows, foreplay, and removing dandruff from the shoulders of colleagues.

    3) “For Christ’s sake nan, stop knitting”

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