Into the underworld

Well, As regular readers know, I have quite a backlog of games to get through. Especially after all the bargains to be had at Christmas.
Then with everything that tugged on me at the start of this year some of the games were forgotten again. Now we seem to be coming into a quiet time for games, I decided to spin one of these slightly older games in my 360.

So, Last night I spent the night with Miss Lara Croft in the underworld.
I managed to ignore the wifes cries for help on Bookworm adventures and fumble around with Lara for an hour or so.
We adventured to the bottom of a Mediterranean sea in order to explore Avalon and would you believe it, We ended up in Niflheim. We carried on exploring some Norse ruins and the only thing that really disturbed us was a horrific camera. I was interested in what Lara was looking at and practically everytime she jumped I ended up looking behind her.

I don’t want to ruin any night’s that you spend with Lara, but lets just say our date was gate crashed by men with guns. We were left in this tomb trying to find our way back out into the daylight. Once we got back to our yacht , we had to board a massive boat which seemed to be operated by said gun toting maniacs.
We fought our way through the levels of the boat with awkward and clumsy gunplay, laughing as we threw the now cliché sticky grenades at people. Suffice to say my time with Lara was fun and it felt like I was with the Lara of old. But the camera and fighting mechanics really do hold back the adventuring, which is as good if not better than the originals.

So far I’m enjoying Tomb Raider Underworld and I’ll keep you updated on future nights with Miss Lara.


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