Updates, Updates, Updates…….

Well, It’s been quite a couple of days for games.
After adventuring with Lara the other night, I picked up where I left off yesterday and made some more progress. I’m still enjoying the game immensely but how any company can add such a hideous camera is beyond me.

Our good friends at Popcap have supplied us with some classic games to review so I’ve been playing through some of those, mainly Bookworm adventures…..Reviews will be up soon on those.
Talking of Popcap and to a lesser extent, my addiction to Peggle, Today saw the release of said addiction on XBLA.
I have to say, from what I’ve played so far it’s a very solid version of Peggle. All the physics are there and tight as ever, Surprisingly the controls work very well. Again, review forthcoming.

Onto other games. Yesterday, For a Bargain price, I picked up SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection.
This Collection is superb value for money, With over 40 retro classics on the disc, there’s plenty here to keep your inner child busy. All of the games are faithfully emulated by Backbone.
All the graphics look true to the originals, there are a few framerate issues on some of the games, But it doesn’t detract from the experience. One thing I found out from playing this collection is that I suck at retro games, These games are SO hard………..were they always this tough?
Well, Reviews of those will be up soon.

In other news, the first Hi-Score Podcast will be recorded tomorrow night. We’re aiming to get it up on itunes as soon as we can. As soon as it’s up we’ll let you guys know so you can subscribe.

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