Peggle XBLA

Anyone who follows Hi-Score will know what a huge fan of Peggle I am and after I wrote my recent feature on the franchise, the XBLA version arrived on the marketplace for me to wallow in.
Peggle with Achievements, I was due to be in Heaven. I knew my only real concern was going to be the control system, as I’ve mentioned before a mouse feels like the best input method to play.

I’ll have to admit, after throwing my 800 points at Microsoft and impatiently waiting for it to download, I was not disappointed with this version of Peggle.
Nothing much has changed from the PC version of peggle other than crisp HD visual on a big screen TV.
All of the original Peggle levels are here as well as challenges and Duel modes. As nothing much has changed from the gameplay I’ll concentrate on the control system for a while.


The analogue stick on the 360 pad feel very comfortable to use, due to it’s sensitivity, you can control the aim in smaller fractions by holding the shoulder buttons or using the D-pad. The A button shoots, X speeds up time if you’re waiting for that perfect shot and Y replays your shot, which is helpful for readjusting your shots.
I was pleasantly surprised with the control system, in fact I found the game slightly easier to play on the pad, maybe that’s just the fact that I’m more of a console gamer anyway.

Another thing that this version of Peggle has going for it is XBOX LIVE.
With LIVE support for Duel Mode and Party play, Having the stability and chat options of LIVE, Playing Peggle online is an absolute joy.
The traditional Duel mode sees you and your opponent playing on the same board fighting it out to score more points than each other. You can choose any of the characters you’ve unlocked from the adventure mode, So character selection is key to playing.

Party mode is a bit more laid back than Duel. You each play on your own screen on the same level and again battle for the highest score. A nice feature of party mode is a press of the Y button will show you the other players screens so you can see how they’re getting on.
The only minor downside to the online side if Peggle is a delay between your opponents shot happening on their screen and you seeing it on your screen. So when the other player is cheering or groaning at their shot, you’re wondering what’s going on the whole time, You’ll only find out five to ten seconds later.
But this is a very small gripe at an otherwise solid multi player aspect.


If you own an XBOX 360 and you’re after a great puzzler, you can’t go wrong with Peggle.
The achievements are fun and mixed between easy ones to pick up for a beginner, all the way to really tough ones that will have Peggle masters scratching their heads.
It took me around 5 hours to complete the adventure mode, which is good considering how many times I’ve played Peggle. With plenty of challenges to keep you going after the adventure mode, the online gameplay and DLC coming in the future, Peggle certainly has long legs.
A must buy on XBLA.

Hi-Score- Great gameplay, tight controls, longevity
Lo-Score- Delays in Multi player modes.

Final Score- 9 out of 10

    • Dave 1601
    • March 15th, 2009

    I might get this after im done with Castle Crashers

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