SNK Arcade Classics vol. 1

Like many others as a youngster there was no chance of me getting a Neo Geo no matter how much I nagged my parents.  In those days the idea of a perfect port of some classic arcade games to a portable console would have had you declared a witch and burnt at the stake.  But now it is 2009 and SNK have put together a collection of 16 Neo Geo arcade games onto a single UMD.

The collection includes:-

  •          Art of Fighting
  •           Baseball Stars 2
  •           Burning Fight
  •           Fatal Fury
  •           King of Monsters
  •           Last Resort
  •           Magician Lord
  •           Metal Slug
  •           Neo Turf Masters
  •           Samurai Showdown
  •           Sengoku
  •           Shock Troopers
  •           Super Sidekicks 3
  •           The King of Fighters ‘94
  •           Top Hunter
  •           World Heroes



Now, with such a healthy collection of classic arcade titles the thought you are first struck with is: Where do I start?  After scrolling through the rather simple menu my first port of call was Metal Slug, being one of my favourite games and also a good test for the quality of emulation.  The news here is all good, thankfully, with the visuals looking particularly nice and sharp with no noticeable slowdown.  Sound also seems spot on although I must admit my memory of some of the lesser known games music may not be perfect.  There are some useful options like the ability to alter the screen layout for nicer looks or to fill the full wide screen.

Within the options is where you can also find another little gem, the goals for each game.  These are the equivalent of achievements or trophies, unlocking content within the collection instead of adding to a gamer score.  These goals range from completing a game on its easiest setting to some seriously challenging goals for the most hardcore of gamers.  One little quirk is that the goals do not always unlock content from the game you are playing.  This seemed like a slight annoyance as you may not wish to play all of the games in the collection, yet some important information such as move lists in King of Fighters can only be unlocked by completing the goals in Metal Slug.



With such a collection there is always going to be some games you rate higher than others with my personal favourites being Metal Slug and the R-Type clone Last Resort.  The emulation for all games is spot on though with only minor issues appearing due to the format such as the d-pad not being ideal for some of the more complex moves in the fighting games and loading times being a little longer than ideal.

So what you’re left with is a very good collection of classic SNK arcade games in the palm of your hand.  Whilst simple menus and slightly long loading times are minor problems they are easily outweighed by both the quality of emulation and the games included.


HI Score- Emulation, quality of games included and value for money

Lo Score- Loading times, simple presentation

Final Score- 8 out of 10

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