World At War DLC

19th March saw every fan of Call of Duty: World At War grin from ear to ear, Finally some new maps to explore………and exploit.
Treyarch have now unleashed Map pack 1 on the community, Contained inside it’s explosive goodness are three Multi Player maps (Knee Deep, Station and Nightfire) and one new map for the zombie mode (Verruckt) all of these maps come wrapped up in an 800 MS point price point
As a World at War player myself, with over 30 hours playtime and almost second prestige I hope I can give a good view on the maps.
You’re obviously here to find out if they’re worth your hard earned money, so without further ado……


Nobody can say that Treyarch don’t listen to what their fans want. Zombie mode in World at War has been insanely popular, with people all over the world trying to beat each others scores. But with only one map boxed in the game some people found it to be stale very quickly, they asked for more and Treyarch delivered.

Verruckt is a mental asylum overrun by zombies. The gameplay is the same as before but with added features. You now have to do things like turning on the power in order to move through certain doors and now there’s a perks box, also something the fans begged for. Out of this will come a random perk from the multi player game. Nothing has really changed too much, other than the venue and that’s a great thing.
The map itself is well thought out with great choke points for zombie destruction and there some great side rooms to hold up until the time comes to move on.
It’s a great map and is genuinely scary when it’s first played.


Station is a simple looking map at first glance, in fact when the screenshot of the map came up before I played I expected it to play like Dome, So I took an MP40 and prepared for close combat. Once I got into the game I found that Station is actually a nice balance of close quarters areas and long straights for sniping and rifle action.

This map is a symmetrical map with a long central rectangular section that has train cars in it and has destroyed sections of the road from above ground. The view down this area is pretty clear and can be used to snipe, but you will be out in the open. As there are wrecked train cars everywhere you may find “campers” waitng for you with their heavy machine guns waiting to open fire.
On either side of the train section are many back rooms and corridors that are very “maze” like, these are great sections for shotgun and MP40 wielding soldiers. At first I kept getting lost but after finding the flow of the corridors and where each one ends up, you can easily move to team callouts when needed.

Knee Deep

Knee Deep seems like a combination of airfield and upheaval, at first I really didn’t like this map but it grew on me rapidly. With an even mix of outdoors and indoors environments it’s tough to decide on weapons, so anyone with the overkill perk will be happy to take close quarters and long range weaponry.
The map is set in a jungle, So expect to be sniped from long grass along the sides.

All of the outside sections are over looked by high points from destroyed rooftops or from the main fortification near the middle of the map. There are a lot of positions to take up through out the map to wait out your opponents. An example of this would be the rice field near the bunker, even though it’s open in the middle of it, you could outflank your enemy while they walk around it.
Near all of the houses, that are all very cramped to move through as a team, there is a bridge that has been partially destroyed. This is an excellent piece of scenery which will be great to battle over, especially in headquarters.


Nightfire is my personal favourite map here. This map is set in a bomb ravaged Berlin and is very complex from the outset of the spawn. This is another map similar to Upheaval, it only has a few outside sections, mainly streets and a courtyard, prime targets for artillery. Otherwise Nightfire is mainly an indoor map.
Being that it’s set in Berlin and from the looks of it, down town Berlin, most of it’s layout is of bombed out houses and offices. This means ducking in and out of houses to get cover and chase the enemy.

Again, it’s a joy to run around this map with the MP40 or Double barrel shotgun. However if you can get a good position in the upstairs of a house, especially over the courtyard then rifles will devastate the opposition.

All of these maps are great in their own way, but all of them seem to have maze like sections in common. This will hopefully bring different tactics to deathmatches and also to gametypes like Headquarters and search and destroy. You’ll need to be extra careful of bouncing betty’s in the winding corridors of each map.
Treyarch seem to have brought some difference to map pack one and each of these maps stand out for one reason or another.

These maps are easily worth the 800 points and from the launch date will feature double XP for a limited time.
If these maps do nothing else, they show that Treyarch will listen to the community and try to give them what they want. Things are looking good for Map pack two already and this is one World at War player who can’t wait to get back into the action.

    • DefMash
    • March 24th, 2009

    I’m really enjoying these new maps. They feel totally unlike any of the original maps.

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