Modern Warfare 2 – future shooting??

As most people know, Modern Warfare 2 the sequel to Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare will be storming onto consoles November 10th this year. The hype machine is starting to chug away already with people debating on forums and twitter about what we’ll see from the ground breaking team, Infinity Ward.

There is already a teaser trailer up on the XBOX Dashboard and it’s surfing it’s way through the interweb.
We received a press release from Infinity Ward this morning that has us intrigued though.

The press release starts “prepare for the ultimate invasion” and goes on to talk about how Modern Warfare 2 is the sequel to the best selling blockbuster COD4 which has now clocked in at more than 12 million copies.
Then Vince Zampella, CEO of Infinity Ward went on to say this……
“Everyone on the team is laser focused on making the most gripping experience we’ve ever created,”

Now it’s been rumour now that Infinity Ward were working on a futuristic shooter, could it be modern warfare 2? using the word Laser in that sentence could be a double bluff, but it has us intrigued.
Roll on November 10th.

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