Burn Zombie Burn!

“I came here to shoot zombies and chew gum….and I’m all outta gum”
It’s quite apparent where Double6 found their inspiration for Burn Zombie Burn! With the main character Bruce fending off hordes of zombies with standard, makeshift or comedy weapons, you can tell that films like Bubba Ho-Tep and Evil Dead 2 were watched while creating this new PSN game.
Comedy is used throughout and it’s refreshing to see a game that is purely about fun and casts aside all realism.

Burn Zombie Burn! has a simple premise, As an arena based shooter, viewed from a top down perspective. You move Bruce around the closed in environment with the left stick and shoot all of the incoming zombies. The gameplay is very similar to Robotron and smash TV, However you don’t use the second stick to shoot, This is due to the melee weapons that can be used.
Shooting is done with either the X button or R1, You can lock onto Zeds with L1 and strafe with L2. The controls are simplistic and easy to pick up.


Games like these are the “original” horde mode games. Defending yourself against oncoming waves of zombies while using weapons and power ups that are found all around you or dropped by the enemies.
The weapons in BZB range from your handgun which has infinite ammo to shotguns and sub-machineguns. There are a few melee weapons included these include chainsaws, baseball bats and lawnmowers. Yes, Lawnmowers, held outwards so the blade can spin and chop up the zombies in your way.
Lastly there are the comedy weapons, a brain gun which sucks out a zombie brain so you can shoot into a crowd and use it as bait and then there’s the dance gun which makes all the zombies stop and dance in a thriller style.
You can also pick up TNT which you drop behind you and explodes after a 2 or 3 second fuse.
All of these weapons are great to use to dispatch of your undead foe.

There are four game modes to play here;
Free play, Gives you unlimited time and your goal is to score as high as you can.
Timed, You have five minutes to kill as many Zeds as you can and keep your score up.
Defence, You have to defend Bruce’s girlfriend Daisy who is positioned in the middle of the map.
Challenge, This mode sees you given certain tasks to complete in order to move on. One challenge will see you kicking an explosive skull around the map and use it to kill the zombies.
Each of these modes are great fun and all hold a challenge. In order to score high you need to control the other big element of BZB, Fire.

You have a fire torch on the R2 button and this is used to either scare zombies or set them on fire. This is where the scoring system comes into it’s own. Any zombie that is on fire will move faster and if killed have a larger chance of dropping power ups, like speed ups or larger explosive damage. However if you let them chase you and kill the other zombies you will get a multiplier, for each zombie that is on fire it adds a +1 to your multiplier. This adds an interesting dynamic to the game and if you play out the level well with a nice balance, you can score very high.


As you play through the game modes you can earn combos with each weapon, this is normally a certain amount of zombies killed with that weapon. If you get three combos in a row, a big red button will light up in the middle of the map. On each different map the button will do different things, from raining hard which slows down the Zeds to sending in a UFO to beam them aboard.

There isn’t only variation in weapons and gameplay, you will see many different zombies on your journey in Bruce’s world. The Zeds in BZB come in all shapes and sizes.
At first you will see the “standard zombie” they pose no real threat as they shuffle around the map. As the waves count up you’ll encounter dancing zombies in pink tutus who act like ghosts in Mario, they back away when you look at them and chase you when your backs turned. There are chargers, who charge in a straight line at you, masked, who carry dustbin lids to deflect bullets and exploders…..no explanation necessarily needed.
Towards the bigger waves you will find the super zombie, he’s the equivalent of the tank from left4dead, they do area damage by slamming their fists into the ground. They can also fart fire at you which cause pretty massive damage on you.


It’s not all fun and games in places though. Burn Zombie Burn! is quite a tough game and it certainly isn’t a “party” game where anyone can pick up the controller and enjoy it. It takes quite a lot of practice to score big and succeed.
Another downer is the lack of online co-op, you can pick up a second controller and have a friend play through the levels with you, But unfortunately online co-op has been left out. I’m really hoping that this is added at a later point as the game will really come into it’s own with a second person.

If you’re looking for a really fun game that will pass the time in between shooters or RPG grinding, then this is an ideal game. You can play for fun or strive for Hi-Scores and achieve bragging rights.
Burn Zombie Burn! supports trophies and they all seem really fun to unlock.
With the variety in the zombies and weapons, you can come up with lots of tactics on the best way to play through each map and when it pays off you’ll be on a real high.
Well worth a download, get out there and slay some Zeds.

Hi-Score – Great fun, Addictive gameplay, funny weapons and zombies
Lo-Score – Steep difficulty curve, No online co-op

Final Score – 8 out of 10

  1. August 19th, 2009

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