Sarcastic Gamer vs Jack Thompson??

Now normally I wouldn’t consider reposting something from another website, however this caught my eye earlier today and I feel that I want to pass it on to people who follow us but not Sarcastic Gamer(Can’t see why you wouldn’t).
Sarcastic Gamer are known for putting a unique spin on the games industry and these guys………and gals have fun whilst doing it.

It was while I was browsing my favourite sites as usual that I found a post on SG that stated that Jack Thompson (Yes that one) would be attending a games convention to debate the games industry.
You can find the post HERE

Now I’ve always followed Jack Thompson because of the waves he causes in the industry we love so much, I’m sure most of you know of the issues that JT has caused throughout his “career” so I’m not going to go over them here.

Why am I bringing this to you? Because I think that people like Lono over at SG have the right stand on the matter at hand. What are your views on Jack Thompson and Do you think he is still entitled to an opinion after all that has passed?
You can see my opinion in the comments section of the article on SG, but I’d like to hear from you.

Since all of this has kicked off, Doc from SG has twittered that Craig from screwattack will be appearing on SG podcast episode 81 and Lono has prepared himself with facts regarding Jack Thompson.
I personally think that this will be a very interesting podcast to listen to, especially if you care about the impact that Thompson has had on the games industry.

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