Hi-Score Podcast Episode 2!!

Join Dr Zack Zuss and Strybe for this weeks episode of the Hi-Score podcast.

Listen as we discuss what we’ve been playing, which includes; Resident Evil 5, Suikoden Tierkreis and more.

We discuss the latest news and moan about prices on the XBOX Marketplace

We discuss our favourite games and say some thanks to you guys.

If you subscribe to our podcast on itunes then just hit update and you’ll get episode 2, otherwise it will be on our page on itunes in the next few hours.
Please review it and leave us some comments here, this will mean more people will hear us and we can get better with each episode.

    • neilmc74
    • April 7th, 2009

    Great podcast and thanks for the mention .

    As I sent to Strybe in a text couple of bits during the podcast sound quality dropped – 15-18th min and around 1 hr 07 .

    just thinking for itunes purposes – would it be an idea to have a brief few words in the title on what is covered during the podcast as opposed to just hiscore 2?

    See the episode titles in Major Nelson for what i mean
    Still great work and keep it up!

    • Scimac
    • April 8th, 2009

    Another good show and cheers for the mention.

    Like Neil mentioned, there were a few occasions where the sound quality dropped and I couldn’t hear DrZack.

  1. Really good, listened to it this afternoon and now its searchable I can subscribe, comment and rate. I’m thinking 3 and half stars…i joke 5 stars all the way!!

  2. Thanks for the support guys, Zack and I are looking into mixers for next weeks show. This will finally cut out those last few sound issues.
    After the success of the e-mail from Jeff, we’d like to receive more, please get in touch if you have anything you want us to talk about.

  1. June 20th, 2009

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