The Secret World

The Secret World

The secret world is an MMORPG being developed by Funcom for PC and XBOX 360.
The secret world is looking amazing if you go by the trailer below, Funcom are promising a unique experience for gamers.

The game takes place in the present day world, so you can explore New York and London to name a few places. With the promise of one of a kind character customisation and open world mission structures this will be one game to keep an eye on.
There will be no classes or levels in The secret world which makes us wonder how your character will progress outside of the combat system. Looking at the “monster” in the trailer, we’re getting excited here for a new IP with a focus on a new type of gameplay, especially for the 360.

Keep an eye out for future news from Funcom.

  1. Looks really good! Does anyone think the girl in the screen shot looks alot like Selma Blair? Has the story been talked about?

  2. I tweeted that earlier today!! HAHAHA!! spot on!!
    No talk on story so far……….

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