Outrun Online Arcade

There comes a point in the average person’s life when they have to give up on the idea of taking a Ferrari on a road trip across America, drifting around sweeping bends with a blonde admiring your driving skills from the passenger seat. Thankfully Sega can help you realise that dream without even having to get up from the sofa and for a fraction of the cost.


If you have played either Outrun 2 or Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast you will pretty much know what to expect but you may be surprised at how nice it all looks now. Visually the game has had a nice hi-def makeover with everything looking a lot crisper and those typical Sega colours look much more vibrant. The frame rate is now a solid 60 FPS which makes drifting around corners smoother than ever. The classic Outrun Soundtrack remains although is missing some of the newer additions from Coast to Coast, purists will be happy to note that the classics Splash Wave, Magical Sound Shower and Passing Breeze are all intact though.

One of the key factors that made Outrun 2 so enjoyable was no doubt, the sublime controls, which are in place and as enjoyable as ever. If anything it feels slightly smoother, but it is hard to tell if they have been slightly tuned or if the combination of higher frame rate and the 360 controller just make it feel like it has been. Drifting around corners feels so good that its infeasibility doesn’t matter in the wake of your ever growing smile as you glide around corners and weave in and out traffic. It is however in the Time Attack mode that you truly realise how subtle the controls are and a laid back arcade game morphs into a surprisingly deep time trial racer.


One area where Outrun Online Arcade does take a slight misstep is in the amount of content provided. If the previous versions didn’t exist this wouldn’t be such a big point but they do and they are also backwards compatible. With this version you only get the stages from Outrun SP with no reversed versions or any of the stages from Outrun 2. Also missing in action are a number of cars and unlockables due to the removal of the Outrun Miles. There is still plenty to do with Outrun mode, Heart Attack, Time Attack and Continuous Mode and Online Leaderboards and Achievements go some way towards providing more content. There is the possibility that some of the missing tracks could be added as DLC with the cuts having been necessary to hit the low price point but nothing has been confirmed so far.

It seems a little churlish to complain about these minor points however due to the fact that for a mere 800 MS points you can now grab yourself what is easily the best racing game available on XBLA. An arcade racing game in the truest meaning of the term, accessible to everyone yet with a depth that few will truly master.

HI Score:- Looks Beautiful, Awesome Handling, Low Price

Lo Score: – Missing some of the features fans may have expected

Final Score:- 9 out of 10

  1. Awesome! This game brings back some memories. I used to play OutRun on the original SEGA like all day haha. I might actually have to buy this one and see it in action in high def!

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