Saints Row 2 DLC

Time to go back to Stilwater.

Today saw the release of the first DLC pack for saints row 2, Ultor Exposed.
For a price of 800 Microsoft points on XBOX LIVE or £6.99 on PSN, This new content will see you taking on more “business” for the saints but this time, porn star Tera Patrick is in tow.

Players can battle through three all new co-op enabled missions starring adult film star Tera Patrick, while commandeering new air and ground vehicles such as an attack aircraft and a luxury sports car. Ultor Exposed offers all new customization options, including new hairstyles, clothing and costumes, along with new multiplayer maps for the Strong Arm and Gangsta Brawl multiplayer modes.

I’m personally very excited about this DLC as I loved playing through Saints row 2 on co-op. Despite it’s flaws and bugs (of which there are a few) it’s a brilliant and chaotic romp, which contains some incredibly outlandish tasks.
Saints row 2 can probably be found very cheaply online now, so if you haven’t played this before, it’s worth picking it up now and finding yourself a good co-op partner.

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