Plants Vs Zombies


Gin and Tonic, Fish and Chips and Cookies and Milk, All combinations that work very well together. When the words plants and zombies are mentioned in the same sentence you would never think that there is a possible combination that could work. However it was George Fan, Lead designer at Popcap games that thought of a great chance for these entities to be together. Four years in the making, Popcap bring you Plants vs Zombies.

Many companies have thrown zombies into their games, some for panic situations, others for comical entertainment. In Plants vs Zombies the zombies are attacking your house and it’s down to the plantlife and your greenthumbs to keep your brains in your head. That sentence alone should tell you that this game will be full of laughs and pure fun will ensue. As many people know, Popcap will always bring you a highly addictive and enjoyable game and they have succeeded here yet again.

By now you’re probably quite confused and if you’ve seen anything of Plants vs Zombies so far it will have been a bizarre viral music video and the zombie employee pictures and videos that have been circulating the internet.


PvZ is a “garden defence” game, in reality a tower defence game that sees you fending off Zombies that are trying to break into your home and break into your skull, they’re hungry and nothing will stop them, except the plants in your garden. It seems the only route into your house is via the front or rear gardens and you must use your gardening skills to keep your home safe.
As with all tower defence games, things start off very slowly and ease you into the gameplay, giving you very tame enemies to fend off and there’s quite a variety on display.

The first type of Zombie that will amble and shuffle across your lawn will be a business man Zombie, but it won’t be long until the more unique Zombies show up. Four man bob-sled teams, undead miners and dolphin riding scuba Zeds are soon going to be gaining ground on you and your home. Each of these Zombies has a unique ability, be it speed, strength or even floating towards you on a balloon.
Each of these Zombies can be dispatched with the many plants you have to hand.

In order to plant your army you will need to harness the suns power. Small suns will fall from the sky and once you click them to collect them you will spend the solar energy on planting in your garden. Sunshine will not only fall from the sky though, it can be harvested from sunflowers and other plants throughout the game.
Each plant will be placed in the soil across the gridwork you have in your garden and with around 40 defensive plants at your disposal it’s down to you to put each one in the right places to achieve success on each chapter of the adventure mode.


Starting with a peashooter you will steadily gain a great collection of ballistic botany. Peashooters are surpassed by threepeaters which will shoot three peas towards the Zombies and as more plants are unlocked hilarity will ensue. Huge little shop of horrors style fly traps will munch on zombies, torchwoods can be placed in front of peashooters and create fireballs and Wallnuts will create a solid wall to slow the enemy down. If any of the nefarious Zombies DO get past your defences plan B will come into action, a simple line of lawnmowers on your patio which start up and run down the line of Zeds when they get close.

The adventure mode is played out over five chapters and with each chapter the playing field will be changed somehow. Not giving away too much, but soon you’ll have water to deal with and at one point you’ll be defending your rooftops too.
During the game you will also meet your neighbour, Crazy Dave. Dave will sell you upgrades to your plants or extra slots in which to store more seeds. To pay for these upgrades you will start collecting coins from random Zombies during the levels. Crazy Dave will also help you out with tips for upcoming levels, he’s an expert, his saucepan helmet shows it.


When you’ve polished off adventure mode, which will take quite some time, you can experience other modes on show here. During the main game you will play a few mini games like Wallnut bowling, these mini games will appear on the main menu for you to play through at a leisurely pace.
Try out some puzzles or a survival mode game and then relax in the zen garden.
Each of these brings a different slant to the hectic gameplay found in PvZ otherwise. Puzzle mode will require you to solve puzzles with your plants, survival mode is a frantic and desperate fight that speaks for itself and the zen garden allows you to tend to certain plants by keeping them fertilised and healthy.
With all these modes in tow there’s plenty to keep you playing, but the adventure mode is by far the most fun here and even if it was the only thing supplied for your money you’d be happy.

As with many tower defence games, they can be incredibly addictive and Plants vs Zombies is certainly that. If you enjoy Peggle or bejewelled then you’re certain to enjoy this too.
Plants vs Zombies reminds you why you play games in the first place, to have fun. During the first few hours of play I genuinely grinned from ear to ear. The graphics and the imagery are cute and bright, this and other aspects of the game are reminiscent of games by Rare.

There is no excuse for not picking up Plants vs Zombies, being released at retail stores and online for PC and Mac at and online services including RealArcade, MSN Games, STEAM, Wild Games and Yahoo! Games there are many platforms to run out and buy it on.
Priced at £6.99 the value for money is unbelievable.

Yet again Popcap has delivered a slice of genius, Plants vs Zombies will keep you clicking until you fingers ache and then some. Witty and charming, another game that will appeal to all generations. Get your spade and watering can at the ready, the Zombies are approaching.
Get out there and start defending your house…..and your brains from the Zombie horde.

Hi-Score – Fun and comedic, Pretty to look at and great longevity.

Lo-Score – Another tower defence game?

Final Score – 10 out of 10

  1. This looks really good mate, looks great fun! after your Peggle recommendation I will be picking this up in the next few weeks.

    • DefMash
    • May 5th, 2009

    Really interested in getting this. A XBLA release would be nice 🙂

  2. I’d say pretty much 1% chance of it hitting XBLA, it’s too reliant on being very quick with the mouse

    • Rman5k
    • May 8th, 2009

    I just got this on Steam and WOW is this great! I have played through most of level 1… think I am 1-8 and I am HOOKED!!!

    If they put this on XBLA and iPhone I am very sure it will be just like Peggle and I will buy them all!

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