Wallace & Gromit ‘The Last Resort’

Have you had enough of frenetic FPS’s and hi-octane racers, want to just sit back and be entertained? Then the new episode of Telltale games Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures could be for you. Before I get into the ins and out’s of the game i have a bit of a confession to make. I did not play the first episode ‘Fright of the Bumblebees’ which left me a bit worried about getting into ‘The Last Resort’. But fear not readers if you are like me, this latest episode is a stand alone product and is very easy to get into.

As soon as you load up ‘The Last Resort’ you’ll notice that the presentation is spot on to the much loved Aardman Animation classics. From the instantly recognisable brass band music to the claymation characters and the wacky inventions, this title just oozes the charm people have come to expect from the W&G brand. Character models are lovingly recreated right down to the occasional finger print in the clay. Characters are well animated and i often found myself chuckling at Gromit’s exasperated look on his face at Wallace’s antics. While the voice work in the game is great I felt it was a shame not to have Peter Sallis to voice Wallace. While the guy they got into do him does a decent job I found it detracted slightly from the game, especially since everything else is right on the money.


The characters you meet on your journey are pure Wallace & Gromit and include, the slighly stereotypical shop owner Mr Paneer, the quite quite mad war veteran Major Crum, the rather boisterous Duncan McBiscuit and my personal favourites Pudgie-Woo and Tinkie-Wee the adorable but evil dogs belonging to Wallaces next door neighbour Miss Felicity Flitt. All of the characters play a large part in the game and have great personality to them.

The game starts with Gromit getting ready for a Great British seaside holiday. But as with most Great British holidays the Great British weather has other ideas. With it raining cats and dogs outside it doesn’t look like Gromit’s going to be getting his holiday and to make things worse Wallace is having trouble in the basement with the leaking plumbing. This is where you first take control of the game and it’s simple to move your character about. I used a 360 pad with the left stick, used to move about and the right stick used to highlight various objects around the screen. A is used to interact while X opens your inventory. A nice small touch to the controls is by pressing Y highlights all interactive objects on the screen meaning you are not having to search every inch of the screen for things you need.


The game is broken down into small chapters which has you playing as either Wallace or Gromit to take on various tasks. Such tasks range from building a beach to solving a rather nasty case of someone getting knocked on the noggin and it is up to you to find the Motive, Weapon and Witness to prove the case to Constable Dibbins. Each of the chapters lasts about 30 minutes and for the most part are quite simple to work out. But don’t think that because it’s simple to work out the solution to a problem it’s going to be too easy. In one chapter you are tasked with making sure everyone is happy and although I worked out what needed to be done simply enough, finding a way to do it involved a fair bit of lateral thinking. I did find myself stuck in one section for a while and not being able to progress the story was starting to drive me mad. In the end though I found what I was supposed to do and kicked myself for not seeing the solution, it really was quite obvious but i wasn’t thinking like Gromit would think and overlooked it.

Although the game is finished to a high quality there was one problem i ran into. In the chapter where you have to find the phantom noggin knocker none of the characters are supposed to leave the house while the investigation is in progress. While in control of Gromit you end up being thrown from a window into the front garden. There next door were Duncan McBiscuit and Miss Flitt having a conversation. Odd I thought being as they were just indoors in a house they are not allowed to leave. I went to talk to them and the game crashed forcing me to have to turn the game off and reload it.


All in all Wallace & Gromits ‘The Last Resort’ in a high quality and fun piece of gaming. It is quite short but i suppose that is to be expected from a episodic slice of gaming. I for one will be looking forward to playing the remaining episodes still to come and would heartedly recommend it to fans of W&G or someone looking for game that’s a bit different to what is the mainstay of modern gaming.

Hi-Score- Something Different, Great Presentation, Good Clean Fun

Lo-Score- No Peter Sallis, Short, Game Crashing Bug

Final Score 7 out of 10

  1. Nice. review would tempt me to go and buy it however I don’t think that I would ever live it down 🙂

  2. I can’t wait for these to hit XBLA, seeing as my PC can’t run it.
    They look like great fun and being a huge fan of point and click style games, Tickle me eager!!
    Great review, Welcome to the fold dude!! 🙂

    • DefMash
    • May 5th, 2009

    @Wonkey nothing wrong with liking a bit of W&G mate 🙂 @Strybe cheers mate it’s good to be here 🙂

  1. May 7th, 2009

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