Hi-Score podcast episode 5….no….6!!


Well after struggling with itunes and our podcast hosts, Jellycast, Episode 5 of the Hi-Score podcast is finally up!
We’ve renamed it to episode 6 to save any confusions as we had about 4 versions of episode 5 at one point.
Now you can finally listen to us talk about;
MotoGP, Plants Vs Zombies, HAWX and Afro Samurai

We have the (at the time) latest news in the form of Hi-Score/Lo-Score featuring:
The latest arcade games, Call of Duty 7: Vietnam?? and More motion controls

This week as we had a lot of games and news to go over we skipped the community games and e-mail section to cover some news regarding Hi-Score.
We announced that we now have a new writer, His name is Andy Marsh and he’s going to help us cover some reviews and also feature on future podcasts. We’ve been hoping to get him on the site for a long time and now he’s here you can check out his Wallace and Gromit review You can catch him on his twitter HERE

Also, in some great news our podcast/site sponsor Gamesbasement is now open for business. There are some great bargains to be had jump over and visit them HERE

Next, head over to Gameswap and claim our exclusive codes to save you money on the unlimited 1 package, LinkyLink Enter in the following codes;
HISCORE60 -60% off UL1 first month
HISCORE14 – 14 day free trial to UL1

Feel free to comment on the podcast here and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you haven’t already, review our show on itunes.

Itunes LINK

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