More UFC 09 Footage

After expressing my love for the demo of UFC 09 on the most recent podcast, any information on this game is devoured without second glance.
So here we have two more videos that show the ins and outs of the gameplay.

The first showing more about the submission moves that are in your arsenal and how to utilise them.
This is a helpful video for those struggling to get to grips with such a unique mechanic.

This second video shows an incredible look at how in depth the career mode is. Create your fighter, progress through the UFC and you can even retire him to place him in the online/offline roster to take on the world.
With so many intricacies and tons of customisation options, you’ll have a blast with this game.

One of the major beauties of this game will be the depth of play on show. Finding the right fighter to match your play style and learning move lists inside and out will require time and effort. For those who are wanting to put in the time, this could be a potential “Game of the year”

  1. This game looks better and better with every video I see. The submission video has helped clear up a few things, I’m going to go submit someone on the demo know!!

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