Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Impressions


Well the second island is finally here. After months of excitement and build up to the ultimate content for Burnout Paradise, Big Surf Island hit XBLA and PSN yesterday. With the 1.9gb update out of the way, I fired up the new Dune Buggy that is given to you as you arrive on the island and set out on my vacation from Paradise City.

At first look the island is overwhelming with the sheer amount of mega jumps, twisting corners, blistering straights and the usual smashes and billboards. As you start your journey you’re greeted by the first of the islands mega jumps. A jump so big it’s nosebleed inducing, as with the super jumps you have to land safely on the other side. There are fifteen of these jumps on Big Surf and each of them are a joy to attempt, Particularly the ski jump in which you’re likely to hit five seconds of air time.

As is the tradition for Burnout Paradise hunting for billboards and smashes are as fun as ever, but slightly easier on the island. To be honest though, a lot of Big Surf is easier. It feels as if some pressure has been placed on Criterion to deliver a more “casual” experience. The events are easy to find and complete, from what I’ve played so far and the jumps, smashes and billboards can be found quickly.

After two hours with the expansion I’d found all billboards and mega jumps and with only eleven smashes left, it won’t be long until I’m done with the extras. At the two hour mark I had only finished two events and had plenty more to do. In terms of content, Big Surf offers you more of the same, which isn’t a bad thing but with a new aim at “casual” gamers, Burnout aficionados will have the content polished of very quickly. Even the achievements are simple to get and highlight the new “casual” approach. For example, in Burnout Paradise, finding all 120 billboards rewarded you with 20 points. In Big Surf however, you only need to find 15 of the 45 for same value of points.

There’s still plenty to do though, with nine cars to unlock (after the buggy), loads of road rules and of course the ten island freeburn challenges which can be done with 2-8 players.

Is Big Surf worth 1000 MS points or £9.99 on PSN??
Yes it is. With any Burnout Paradise content it’s not how many more races or jumps you get, it’s how much fun you have and you get bucketloads with Big Surf. Jumping off of the mega jumps with friends will be a thrill for anyone and enjoying the stunt sections that have been included is a given. My only quibble is that PS3 has 10 trophies compared to the XBOX’s 5 achievements.
All in all, worth the wait and well done to Criterion for delivering such great content.

    • Rman5k
    • June 12th, 2009

    Good deal… I am looking forward to playing this later today!

  1. One of those games I kick myself for trading…

  2. Sounds good! Look forward to reading the new features 🙂

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