My Apologies

Just a quick post to apologise to you guys and gals that the site has been a bit quiet.
Things have been very busy for me, writing for other sites and stuff in the real world, away from games. I have my third child due in a couple of months so things are getting hectic here. I’m currently reviewing a few games at the moment, so you’ll see some new stuff soon.

Defmash will have some more writing for you soon, he’s still learning so be nice and give him some constructive criticism in the comments. James is on holiday at the moment, so when he’s back we’ll kick him into shape and get some more writing up.

Although you’ve probably read Defmash’s review of inFamous, you can check mine out HERE it was written for Resolution and you can bookmark them and check out more of my writing soon. They have great writers and I’m learning more about the craft from the Editor over there.

Remember to check out the Hi-Score forums, called Lo-Score. We’re currently playing through Mass Effect for the new Retro Rewind feature. Lots of conversation in the off topic thread where people can get to know each other and we’ve had some great games online too. Our first Hi-Score game night saw 10 people clamouring to play L4D on LIVE and we’ll have another game night next week.

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