Wallace and Gromit: Muzzled

The next episode in Telltale Games Wallace and Gromits Grand Adventures is upon us. Entitled ‘Muzzled’, it sees our favourite plasticine comedy duo embarking on a new venture to help raise money for abandoned dogs who have lost their home. What ensues is your standard Wallace and Gromit story, madcap contraptions, a cast of lovable and memorable characters and plenty of humour. For those who have not played any of the other games in the series, ‘Muzzled’ is a point and click adventure in the same mould as the much loved Sam and Max games.

Playing on an Xbox 360 pad is simplicity itself. The left stick is used for guiding around either Wallace or Gromit, the right stick is used for highlighting the various objects and people around the game world while A is used for action and X brings up your list of held items. So all quite simple really.


The game begins with Wallace and Gromit preparing for a charity fund raiser fair, with the quite brilliantly named ‘Infini-flavour’ ice cream van which can make any flavour ice cream. Unfortunately things get off to a bad start for the plasticine pair when the aforementioned homeless dogs decide to pay West Wallaby Street a visit and start to cause trouble. This trio of pooches have great a personality to them and each has their own quirk which comes into play during the game.

All of the character models are faithful to the Aardman animated series and really jump off the screen. As I mentioned in my previous review for ‘The Last Resort’ most of the voice work is spot on to what you’d expect, apart from Wallace, which is a real shame as it slightly detracts from the overall polish of the game. It’s only really a minor niggle as the voice actor does a pretty good job but if you are a Wallace and Gromit fan you will notice.


Throughout the game you will be tasked with many different things to do, from trying to beat a chicken at tic-tac-toe to stopping a hot air balloon is a high altitude chase. While these are good fun to accomplish they are not very taxing. Unfortunately this is where my next gripe with the game comes in. A good deal of these tasks are pretty easy to accomplish and not much lateral thinking is required. I found myself breezing through the game without any real trouble; I always knew what to do next. This may appeal to the more casual gamer or fans of the series but for a lot of gamers it will just be a bit too easy. Also once you have played through the game once there is nothing to draw you back to play it again, all the puzzles will be the same and you will find it even easier to play through.

Putting aside my reservations for the moment, I can see a lot of appeal in ‘Muzzled’. If you don’t think of it being a game and being more of an interactive episode of Wallace and Gromit you will get a real kick from it. I really did enjoy my time with ’Muzzled’ although it’s not for everyone. But if you are a Wallace and Gromit fan or are looking for a more relaxed kind of game than your normal FPS’s and racing games, it is well worth a look.

Hi-Score – Lovable and memorable characters, spot on presentation

Lo-Score – Very easy, no replay value

Final Score – 7 out of 10

    • Dave 1601
    • June 18th, 2009

    nice job mash

    • Andy Marsh
    • June 18th, 2009

    Cheers mate, appreciated 🙂

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