Strybes rambling update

I wouldn’t normally blog on weekends, people don’t tend to read the blog on Saturdays and Sundays, but I’m taking a lead from a few friends. Some buddies of mine, Steve, Dave, Neil have all recently set up blogs of their own and my Twitter feed is……well, a twitter with their updates of headers, blog posts and general updates. It’s great to have more voices out there, it may make more noise but it also gives more opinion too. I look forward to reading their updates and I will give them a quick shout out here too;

Br0ken game This is already n my blogroll, Steve started this a while ago but he’s just moved to WordPress from Blogger. Good game ramblings from an everyday gamer (and Halo nerd)

The life of Dave 1601 and what a life it is. Dave’s blogging ranges from gaming to everyday topics. Another hardcore Halo player here, Dave can often be found verbally abusing people on LIVE (although I’m never sure if it’s in jest or not)

Online Offline Musings I think Neil is the newest of the bunch, with a mixture of gaming, music, maybe some film and TV in the future. Neil has great taste in entertainment and knows his stuff.

Now my friends have been pimped it’s time to give you an update on Hi-Score and my gaming habits of late.

A while ago and it was quite some time back, I posted a list of games that I have in my collection that need playing/finishing. Neil (yes, the Neil from above) has just done the same thing on his blog and I thought I’d post a little update as to my collection.

I find it quite hard to get around to a lot of my games, mainly due to reviewing titles which take priority most of the time. So there are some games on this list that people will be surprised that I haven’t touched.

Well, here it is;
HAWX (last two missions)
GTA4: Lost and the damned (Just couldn’t get into it)
Devil May Cry 4
Ninja Gaiden 2 (Lost my save file at level 6, GRRRRR)
Dead Space (From chapter 5)
Tomb Raider Underworld
Prince Of Persia (Just didn’t enjoy it, but would like to persist)
Battlefield: Bad Company
Mercs 2 (About 3 hours left)
Too Human (I’m around halfway through this)
Eternal Sonata
Lost Odyssey
Prototype (For Review)
FUEL (For Review)
Ace Combat 6
Alone in the Dark
Condemned 2
The Last Remnant

Killzone 2
Ghostbusters (For Review)

Mario Galaxy
Ghost Squad
Indiana Jones and the Staff Of Kings (For Review)

Phew, That’s quite overwhelming. I’m hoping to start ploughing through some of these now we’re hitting a lull in our gaming calender. Not sure what I’ll start with though, Any suggestions from you?

    • purplesteve
    • June 21st, 2009

    Wowzer nice list mate. Cheers for the shout as well hoping to get a bit more traffic on my blog, encourage me to keep it going.

    Ive not actually played many games on that list. I cant wait ti buy LATD though, heard some good things about it, why could you not get into it?

  1. I didn’t get into, mainly because GTA4 has a horrendous cover mechanic and if you don’t use it in LAD you get Murderized 😦

    • neilmc74
    • June 21st, 2009

    dont bother with Fuel its gash!

    Would probably say batter through your review games first .

    And I agree Lost and the damned needs added to my list biggest waste of points so far done none of it after experiencing my first shootout.

    • neilmc74
    • June 21st, 2009

    Yes there is a big tv piece coming this week on my site between Monday and friday – anyone care to guess what that is about ?

    – clue is i have said coming over 5 days this week . Second clue there were 5 seasons of this piece of TV which i am fanatical about!!!

    • James Richards
    • July 6th, 2009

    You haven’t touched Ninja Gaiden 2 or Mario Galaxy? For shame!

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