Trash Panic

Trash Panic from SCEJ appeared on the Playstation Network a couple of weeks ago now. In that time you would have thought I’d be some sort of expert, but to my dismay I am only slightly proficient in waste management. You see, Trash Panic is diamond hard and I mean totally ball breaking hard. I like to think of myself as a seasoned puzzle gamer having cut my teeth on Tetris and more lately Poker Smash. However Trash Panic lives up to its name and has you panicking right from the off.

Trash Panic in its very purest form is a classic puzzle game. You have a play area which is a trash can and you have a varied assortment of trash falling from the top of the screen to pack into said trash can. Sounds simple enough but there is a lot of depth to this game. A conveyor belt on the side of the screen brings in random objects which need to be disposed of. You move and rotate the trash to where you want it and either smash it into the bottom of the bin or drop it in lightly. Breaking down trash is the name of the game here and you will need to master the art of smashing the more resilient objects with smaller ones to keep your bin from overflowing. There is no time limit for clearing a level but you need to keep on top of things as any unbroken piece of trash that falls from the top of the bin will count as an out, three outs and its game over for you.


On the first level you start with a normal sized office bin with objects like erasers, scissors and knives falling from the heavens for you to compact. As you progress through the levels your trash can gets bigger and bigger, unfortunately it doesn’t make things easier as you have bigger things to put in it until you are disposing of oil tankers and eventually golf courses and mountain ranges! Every so often a special item will come along the conveyor called a ‘Mottainai’, these are to be protected at all costs because if they are broken you will pay the hefty price of a bunch of almost unbreakable junk dropping in to your dustbin. If you manage to get one of these ‘Mottainai’ to the bottom of the can you will be rewarded however with a useful object that can be used to smash all but the most stubborn garbage.

Not all rubbish is bad though occasionally you’ll get flaming torches which can be used to burn flammable items away. Combine this with the ability to close the lid and you have the makings of a furnace. On the bottom left of the screen are two gauges, one for temperature and one for oxygen. Closing the lid will heat up the inside of the trash can reducing almost everything to ash, but keep an eye on the oxygen gauge because if that falls to zero the fire will go out. Another helping hand are mould spores. Combining these with water you get from some of the trash, such as toilets and barrels, the bacteria begins to eat away at objects to further aid you. Don’t get too complacent though as there are bosses to fight as well, these range from piggy banks to tow trucks and must be dealt with quickly and efficiently. You get ten seconds to reduce these bosses to scrap otherwise you get another lorry load of hard rubbish to dispose of.


There are a few hang ups with the game in my mind. It took me two days of play to realise that the difficulty could be changed in the main mode from Main Dish (normal difficulty) to Sweets (easy). Sweets mode is a lot easier but you’ll be missing out on the bosses. Also I think the game could really do with a tutorial mode as I found that using the mould spores can be hit and miss. Loading is also a bit of an issue with blank screens staying up for far too long.

Don’t let the difficulty of the game put you off this little gem, I’ve had enormous amounts of fun trying to get through the main mode and it has that ‘just one more go’ appeal. The presentation and graphics are fantastic for a PSN game. Combined with a versus, mission and unlimited mode as well as an option to record and upload short videos of your handy work to YouTube all for the princely sum of £3.99 and you are onto a winner.

Hi-Score-Just one more go, great game play, lots of hidden depth, cheap as chips

Lo-Score-No tutorial, very hard on main dish, loading

Final score- 9 out 10

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