Strybe rambles again

Well I have some stuff to talk about today, games related stuff of course.

Where to start though? I have a busy week of writing coming up. I was lucky enough to freelance for vE3tro yesterday and preview Halo ODST so I’m busy arranging words in a well layed out fashion of readability for their audience. Of course I will put a link here for you all to have a good read.

I’m also writing a review of Call of Juarez: Bound in blood at the moment. I really enjoyed this game, not to spoil the review but this game is quite a little gem and should be played by anyone with a passing interest in the game or the genre. It’s a shame that the western has been so hard to turn into a great videogame, Juarez really did a good job but now I’m waiting to see what Rockstar do with Red Dead Redemption.

I’ve been playing a ton more Skate 2 this past week. I feel that I’m getting a bit better at it now, starting to find my old groove. There are still moments where I stop myself from launching my controller at the wall, but you have to take the rough with the smooth on this game. There is a ‘real’ sense of achievement with the series, any time you land a fantastic line you feel yourself breath out and smile. You did it, you landed it. I also had a few games online last night with some friends and had an absolute blast. Hope to play some more very soon.

On to something slightly different and only vaguely game related. On my pondering journey through the interwebz I happened upon a pretty good website that I want to tell you fine people to check out. They are actually an affiliate for Resolution Magazine who I freelance for, the name of the site is TestFreaks I thought I’d have a little browse through their site and found that they’re very similar to MetaCritic. However in my mind they’re site is better, covering everything from games to phones to cameras to laptops they have reviews and opinions on everything.


It also has a much more personal feel to it. Currently in beta and a blog format it’s a very approachable site and I actually ended up using their site while I was looking for my new office gaming TV. All of the products are given a final “out of 10” score and the site is familiar to Reevoo as well. So head over and check them out.

Anyway, that’s me for this week. Keep an eye out for Throwback Friday this week and hopefully from next week we’ll finally bring you the first part of Also Known As Tuesday too

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