Throwback Friday: Troff and Scoff from Donkey Kong 64


Troff and Scoff are two of my favourite characters from the Donkey Kong Country universe, purely because they don’t deserve to be in it at all. The DKC series is populated by monkeys: Apes, gibbons, baboons, whatever you want to call them. A few lizards here and there and the odd familiar animal that is actually of use. I speak of course of Rambi the rhino and Enguarde the swordfish.

Imagine my surprise at playing Donkey Kong 64 all those years ago when I attempted to open the first Boss door, only to realise it was being watched by a grossly overweight pig, Troff, and his hippopotamus friend, Scoff. The latter creature sat atop a lever that could propel his counterpart up to a lock at the top of the door that could be opened to initiate the boss fight. However, Scoff was never large enough to propel his friend high enough, so you as the player needs to feed him a set amount of bananas to “fatten” him up, as it were, to launch Troff up to open the door. Cue large amounts of collecting; immense satisfaction at completing your task, only to have it all fed to a hippo.


I wonder why rare decided to include these characters. Why not have a door with a set amount of bananas that merely opens up when you have enough ala Banjo Kazooie? Why the pig and hippo combo? Why did Troff and Scoff never trade places so that the small hippo could be launched up by the fat pig? Why the hell couldn’t Lanky Kong stretch up and open the lock himself? It’s madness.

So, I raise a glass to Troff and Scoff. Congratulations for being placed in a brilliant platform game that you don’t deserve to be in and stick out like a sore thumb. Kudos.

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