Feelin’ Casual

Well, other than my addiction to Skate 2 (Read – masochistic desire to destroy myself and all of my controllers) I have been playing more “casual” games this last week. Well to be honest one of said games is ‘Splosion man, which is in some way as masochistic as Skate 2.

For those that aren’t in the know, ‘Splosion man is a puzzle based platformer where you control a man, a radioactive man, who ‘splodes or EXplodes at will. With the press of a button you can ‘splode which will make you jump in the air or blow someone or something up. You are able to ‘splode three times before it recharges and you can ‘splode again. Well, now you know the basics, you need to know the rest.


It’s hard, VERY hard. At first each level you come across is a whimsical adventure that punches your funny bone. The puzzles are simple and exciting, they challenge your every move. However after time, the challenge is pushed too far and it’s not in the level design (which is exquisite) it’s through adding ridiculous boss battles. I have no problems with boss battles being added into games, but a fucking one hit kill?

Anyway, I think I’ll have to wear the tutu after taking the way of the coward on these boss battles (if possible) otherwise I’m going to go mad! Besides the boss battles, it’s an amazing game. I’m yet to try the co-op mode yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be a blast (sorry, pun)

Wii Sports Resort

Where to start with this one? It’s no secret that I’m no fan of the Wii, I have in the past called it a money printing machine and damned it for polluting the games industry with cheesy childish rubbish. While in part these are still my feelings, those feelings may soon change, why? Motion plus.


Well, well, well. How you have taken over my gaming time, Bastards! This game is simply one of the funnest (I know, I’m being flippant) games in recent history. Motion plus will be a revolution for the Wii, with the 1:1 movement now bestowed upon us the Wiimote now really feels like the “next gen” control system that it should have been at launch. Supplied in that stupid condom they insist on supplying with Wiimotes now, I ripped that straight off and plugged in the Motion plus. Nintendo have an instructional video on how to attach the motion plus, which describes sliding the Wiimote into the protective jacket. I almost expected them to say pinch the reservoir tip and roll it to the base.

Anyway, I’d already attached it and wanted to jump into the games. What great games they are! The only disappointing game on the disc is cycling. This is mainly due to the ridiculous control method of bouncing the Wiimote and Nunchuck up and down?!? Why? Not even a cycling motion with your hands?


Besides the rubbish cycling, every other game is fantastic. My personal favourites have to be Basketball and Archery and I really love the Frisbee dog game. Each game is a joy, it may sound like a stupid thing to say when I’ve already mentioned the 1:1 motion tracking, but it really does copy everything you do. Move a sword at an angle to parry, you can parry, shoot the ball too slowly in Basketball and it’ll fall short.

This is by no means a review (one will follow I’m sure) but this game is a must buy if you own a Wii. Obviously if you can get your hands on a second Motion plus the game will get even better as you play with your family and friends. I have put a lot of hours into Resort over only a few days and I’m sure many more to come. A truly fantastic addition to the Wii library.


Written by Daniel Lipscombe

Written by Daniel Lipscombe

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