Score Tissue Part 4

Hello and welcome to score tissue!
Alright, yes, I know. You’ve all already been here for the last four weeks,
but thanks to a tragicomic parade of technical problems (broken netbook screen, exploding MacBook power adapters, a three week delay in my home internet connection set-up, etc.) this is the first time I’ve had the chance to present one of my comics myself…

…Uh, so here it is.


In all seriousness, I hope that Halo: Reach turns out to be a multi-class, team-based, co-operative awesome-o-thon. Team Fortress 2 meets Left 4 Dead in the Halo universe.

I think typing that paragraph almost broke my “-” key,
so I shall take that as my cue to leave.

See you next Wednesday with more Score Tissue.

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