Rants: Give Wii’s a Chance!

Contrary to popular belief, the Wii is a video games console. Not an over-inflated toy or “the worlds most expensive boardgame” as it has been called, oh no. The Wii plays computer games, just like every Nintendo console before it.

 I’ve had a lot of conversations with gaming buddies of mine recently, and have been given a lot of flak due to the fact that the Wii is the only current-gen console I own, and the only one I’m really capable of babbling on about. This isn’t the case, I can assure you. The Wii is merely the only one I feel like investing my time in.

My first choice was the Xbox 360, which I promptly picked up at the end of 2006 following my first paycheck at my new job. The 360 stayed neatly tucked under my TV until early last year when I sold it. Why did I sell it you ask? Well, quite simply, I was getting pretty sick of playing the same thing over and over and over and over again.

Games that were hyped until the ends of the earth landed on my doorstep on their release dates, and time after time I found that I had played it all before. Halo 3 was, well, Halo all over again, Assassin’s Creed was one of the most profoundly boring third person adventure games I’ve ever played, and it’s not like stealth hasn’t been done before, and Bioshock, well, at the risk of sounding unpopular, was just another first person shooter.


I certainly enjoyed my time with my 360 but I hadn’t been “wowed” like I had been with all my consoles before it. Gears of War came very close but this was only because of how gorgeous it looked. Gameplay wise, it was just another shooter.

I think that was my problem. Whereas I used to play anything and everything that came my way, I’ve grown cynical of the whole industry and have become sick and tired of playing the same thing. The 360 had to go, there is just absolutely nothing new.

This is why, I believe, the Wii is the superior of the current gen consoles. Whilst gaming wise, there still aren’t a massive amount of fresh ideas, Nintendo took a massive gamble with a completely motion-orientated control scheme, and almost everything feels new and sparkly under this system. Games like Zelda and Resident Evil have indeed all been done before, but I dare any of you to play the Wii incarnations of these classics and not feel like this is the way games should be going.


Microsoft and Sony aren’t stupid. They’re well aware that motion controls and accessibility is what’s given the Wii the market edge. This is why things like Project Natal are coming into play, it seems that motion controls are the future, whether you like them or not.

It’s very easy to be blinded by Nintendo’s marketing and target audience. It seems every television or newspaper advert has a family sitting on a sofa playing Mario Galaxy, or Wii Fit or something, and it would seem as though the Wii cannot appeal to the hardcore gamer. I could not feel more opposed to the idea. I’ll admit, I felt very much this way when the Wii was announced. I thought that it was silly and wouldn’t really ever take off. It was only after I sold my 360 and concentrated on the Wii that I saw how much potential it had, and how it really would be the way forward. Games like Twilight princess, No More Heroes and Madworld are utterly stunning examples of how Nintendo’s “over-priced toy” can appeal to the more hardcore gamer too.


That’s just me though. There are a huge number of gamers out there whose way forward is online play and downloadable content, something that I think the Wii majorly boned on. There is little to no hard drive for DLC, and most online games tend to have horrible lag or no one playing! This isn’t a massive problem for me but would be unforgivable for some. If you’re one of these then it probably isn’t for you.

If, like me though, you’re finding the same old ideas being churned out in new packaging, I really can’t recommend the Wii enough.

So, all you Wii haters, give it a chance. Let it be different, let it be the Kid in the class that wears glasses and stands out a bit. Just because it’s doing things differently and has an unappealing target audience it doesn’t mean it won’t wow you. Maybe pack away your 360 or PS3 for a month or so and just concentrate your efforts on the little white box of wonder. You may be pleasantly surprised.

    • The Wonkey
    • July 30th, 2009

    After reading this review/story it has made me think a little!! (Yes that was what that burning smell was)
    I have to agree that the games industry as a whole is becoming stagnant with what is being produced.
    Everyone likes a franchise, if they didn’t we wouldn’t have Tesco, however there is only so much that you can do to a franchise without screwing it up and creating something that can put people off of that franchise.  Look at Call of Duty so far we have 5 carbon copies of the same game (soon to be 6 however I will withdraw that comment on 6 if they have fundamentally changed it but I will go with my gut on this and expect a carbon copy of 4/5).
    Everything that comes out seems to be essentially the same game but with a new skin on it, a FPS is still a FPS no matter if you are shooting Nazi’s or big hulking aliens, and the RTS, just don’t seem to work, look at Halo Wars with the we built this from the ground up using the 360 controller, still don’t take out the fact that the tactic of any RTS is to rush the other player!
    Occasionally there is a new innovative game that comes out, Left 4 Dead for example that promotes something astounding in the game, team work, however given that this is key promotion to the game how many times are we now going to see something in the survival genre that requires you all to do something together.
    There just doesn’t seem to be the innovative minds out there that can “think outside of the box”  Don’t get me wrong I am not more that person than anyone else but for my hard earned money I want something different.
    I have been toying with the idea of picking up a wii but still don’t have the bottle to do so, as although that it is a new platform how long till this one jumps on the bandwagon and becomes stagnant as well, I think we are already seeing this happen, wii sports, wii sports resort or wii fit and now EA version (sorry the name of the game escapes me)
    Yes the industry seems to be making games that are getting larger and larger (map wise), but what they are spending in development they seem to be taking away in the story.  There is a triangle that comes into play here which is Time, Cost and Quality, and although the industry seems to be pulling it out of the bag with the time and cost side the quality of the games seems to be slipping.
    Only a couple of years ago saw me sitting at my desk at work thinking about getting home to play some game or another or how to complete something within a game, but now days I get home and would sooner sit in front of the telly.
    Now I don’t know if it is that as I am getting older I am growing out of gaming, but thinking about it I think that it would be that I am fed up paying for what is essentially the same game over and over.
    Also although the party system works in getting rid of the annoying 12 year old wanabe pop singer and the racists etc XBL seems to be full of clicks of established friends rather than the social experience that it used to be, but that is a rant for another day…….

    • HAN
    • August 2nd, 2009

    so, you say it right.
    im an old gamer, since 26 years, im 33 age. i think, i got *all* consoles since 26 years, except Nintendos ! only an original gb. but i got ataris, segas, sonys, computers, neogeo, pc engine and so long – ’cause only i dont like mario. i thought, that nintendo is for kids. WRONG. After playing games so long, the games become dumb und dull. evertime the same , speccially fps. sory, dull. after viewing the first news and trailers (redsteel) of wii, i thought:yes, thats next generation. the other 2 get -for me- only old wine in new bottles. and wii controls are new wine in old bottle. thats the future – an ms and sony say now yes to motioncontrolling (i.e. natan).
    ok, 3 years wii and a lot of crap and not so much highlights – but these are it worth! think about godfather:blackhand edition wii – absolut superb controls ! on the other systems the game was only a action game. dull gta clon. look at no more heros, mp3 (ive never played metroid before), re4, scarface (imho better on wii). all hardcore games. beside hot:overkill, ghostsquad, re:uc, dead rising, madworld – absolut hardcore games for GAMERS – not for kids.
    i play the conduit for 1 week now…its cool. aftre 3 years, the wii got fine grafics, at the end. controls are tight, grafix superb, online great.
    and wii become more hardcore games: re:dc, nmh2, gladiator ad, the grudge (yes, left4dead for wii). ….dont forget the new mario bros wii ! yeah, meanwhile, i like some mariogames *hehehehe*.
    so go on.and im not a fanboy at all. i will play resistance2 on my ps3 and left4dead on x360 – why not?
    but my actual fav console is the wii, since 3 years.

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