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With Twitter coming to 360 in the near future I have been having some worrying thoughts cropping up. Over the last few months on Twitter things have started coming to my attention that the 360 could possibly make worse. You see there has been an influx of client programmes like Raptr, Xbox Live Nation and True Achievements taking up masses of space on the time line. While some of these clients are fine and don’t Tweet all the time, some are horrendous and constantly tell me things like ‘gamer X has been offline for 5 hours’ which doesn’t really help anybody.

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Now to my concerns for the 360 version of Twitter. I am worried that Microsoft will take a similar route and that the Xbox will be constantly posting to our accounts. Imagine logging into Twitter to be confronted by a barrage of posts stating who has just gone online, what achievements people have unlocked, that they are in an open party and what game they are playing. While some of these wouldn’t be too bad like achievements, others could just get annoying fast. If like me you can’t get on Twitter regularly it could become a problem finding the tweets that matter to you as they get lost in all the fluff streaming from our 360’s.


I am a big fan of Twitter and would really hate to see it go down that path and with any luck it won’t. The picture I have painted here is really a worst case scenario and until we have some concrete information from Microsoft I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Written by Andy Marsh

Written by Andy Marsh

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