Throwback Friday : Red Faction

throwback Friday

I’m a huge fan of multiplayer shooters, halo being my game of choice. But before I was busting out BR fourshots I was giggling at the power of GeoMod technology. I am of course talking about the Red Faction games and the sheer awesomeness (yes that word was required) that is their multiplayer.

The original Red Faction absolutely amazed me with its destructible scenery and amazing range of explosive weapons. Combine this with a good range of maps to give you a great multiplayer games. It was not even the killing that drew me to the game but the possibilities that GeoMod gave us. If you burrowed far enough into the wall it used to crash the game. My next door neighbor and I must have explored every possible area of this game and knew all the crash points and glitches.


Then came Red Faction 2 which added new weapons, new levels and most importantly multiplayer bots. This was my first real taste of large multiplayer battles. Before it was always 2 or 3 players but now I could compete against 7 players and really revel in the carnage. You could just plow ahead with the Nano GL or burrow through into a hidden room and snipe with the rail gun. If this does not interest you then you can start playing with the remote mines, I was pretty good at sticking my friends in the face with them.

Red Faction 2 was also the home to some of the best guns I have ever used. The first and best was the Nano GL, a rapid firing grenade launcher. We focused whole games around this weapon, bombarding each other from base to base on map called Warlords, it was spawn camping hell. One of the newly added weapons was a ridiculous beast called the anti-personnel launcher. The main firing mode is a 5 grenade cluster but the best mode is the alternate that again fires a cluster but their sticky grenades. Nothing better than firing into a melee and picking up 2 or 3 kills.


I thought I would have to research the guns and the map names but it just came flooding back to me. It proves how much this game meant to me and is a testament to the great memories I have.

If there is anyway Microsoft could bring the Red Faction 2 MP to the XBLA then I would pay thousands of MP for it…I might even give up Halo.

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